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Rocket can week two of the NFL season last week came off without a hitch and again a very positive sign. No positive Kobe 19 cases entering week too. It was a terrific week for some, the chief's open their title defense, looking in mid season form. The Ravens immediately confirmed their status as contenders with a blowout of the Browns and a big week for several quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Mitchell Torbinski, who led the comeback in Detroit. DeAndre Hopkins made of Himself popular in Arizona with his new teammates and the inspiring wind for Ron Rivera's Washington football team. For others, not nearly as enjoyable Tom Brady the Buck's got off to a rough start New Orleans their home Today, Philip Rivers intercepted late. The Colts fell in Jacksonville and also lost Marlon Mack for the season. The first time head coaches all lost their debuts. The Vikings were blown out at home by the Packers and the Lions continue to sputter late in games under Matt Patricia. It's often said the biggest jump for teams is between week one and weak, too. So let's see what we have in store today as we get started on eye on football, 10 early games, and our first stop is Indianapolis, where the Colts and Vikings both coming off losses a week ago. Will meet today at Lucas Oil Stadium. And the Colts, of course, have some injury issues as well. So let's go out to Andrews Smith at this time as we welcome him in for another season of ion football, and you're great to talk to you again. How are you? Great rich. How are you doing? Just great. The cult's ended the season with high expectations, and they fell flat in Game one. Yeah, they did, And this is one of those games for both teams. Some pretty high expectations, and both are desperate for a win because they both dropped their weak one game last week, and you mentioned the Colts injury issues there without Marlon Mack, their top running back for the season now. As he suffered an Achilles injury last week and also tight in Jack Doyle is out today. So Moe Alley, Cox will probably get the lion's share of the reps that tight end It's an opportunity for him, but The Colts last week did a lot of good things offensively. Theyjust didn't finish drives and that was really their undoing. It 27 2 20 off to Jacksonville. They put up 445 yards Philip Rivers threw for 3 63 in his cold debut. But there were two costly interceptions that led to point for Jacksonville, and there were two red zone trips, one that ended in 1/4 in short that was not converted inside the five yard line, the other missed field goal. Where the cold came up empty and those kind of proved to be their undoing against Jacksonville, so that's something they obviously would like to limit is the self inflicted wounds. That cost them a division game last week and for Minnesota. It's really get the defense going. They allowed more than 500 yards last week against Green Bay and a 43 34 Los Soh. Big. Both teams feel good about their offenses. So far, it's just the mistakes for the Colts and for the Vikings being able O limits. What the opposing team Khun doing. Kirk husband had a good game last week for Minnesota. 259 yards. Adam feeling has been very good for the Viking 110 yard game last week, and I'm really interested in seeing the matchup between him and Xavier Rhodes, this former teammate Today as they'll likely be matched up with each other. So it's going to be an interesting game between these two squads. Just because they're both Owen won. They both have high expectations. And they're both really desperate for a win because it's really difficult to come back and make the play offs after no one to start without question. And, of course, we mention the Marlon Mack injury Jonathan Taylor they had high hopes for, but he immediately takes on a bigger role. How much of that injury kind of take the steam or the wind out of their sails in week one and and how much is it going to affect them? Going on further this season. I think it's going to affect them a lot for one big reason. And that is the cold. Really pride themselves on the running game, and the reason they drafted Jonathan Taylor was to give them a little bit more depth that running back because that gives you a third option. Besides Marlon Mack and 19 Heinz, what a really good game last week. And really emerged at the end of last season. And so Jonathan Taylor and 19. Heinz will take on bigger roles. But the Colts like to establish the run that has been a key part of Frank Reichs game when he was in Philadelphia, the offensive coordinator Certainly has been something they've tried to establishing his years in Indianapolis, and that takes some of the heat off Philip Rivers as well and allows them to be a little bit more balanced, but there are run first team. And losing your top running back certainly create a domino effect. That just means more carries for Hines and Taylor. But that also limits your ability to keep a fresh back in the game, which is something that when they had all three healthy last week before Marlon Mack went out right at the end of the first half. They look really good offensively because they could keep throwing afresh back in there at all times, and that was able to keep the Jaguars defense off balance. And so now you've got an increased role for Hines and Jonathan Taylor. Being thrown right into the fire. He looked good last week. But certainly that's going to be something to watch as he eases into the NFL game, whether never a factor at Lucas Oil Stadium anybody on the inactives that that was a surprise that we should know about No real surprises. Camera dancer from Minnesota was ruled out earlier and as far as the Colts go, Justin Houston to Michael Pittman were both listed as questionable. On the mid week injury report. But they're both active today and that'll be big for the Colts Pass rushes. They kind of struggled to get the gardener Minshew last week completed 19 to 20 so having him into forest Buckner Healthy and available upfront is going to be keeping Andrew, We will talk to you shortly after kickoff. Thanks for checking in. Thank you. All right. Andrew Smith In Indianapolis..

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