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The is this beyond sayer ben stiller photo it's this weird photo it's all like gold or whatever and if you look at it it's been stiller but if you squint your eyes it's beyond say it's so weird like confused yeah it's funny what is reality is this is the theme of this decade no squirting is is i don't get it oh well that's okay come on that's that's not a photo of either of them no of them i said it's a picture but it looks like an x ray yeah so like is you'll stay algorithm had did snow stiller i don't know what it is for sure but okay well shit she did it i mean i don't know i don't know if it really looks like jon say but it definitely that's so weird it's like transformation i wouldn't on you can see allusion by just looking at it it totally makes sense anyway this is now i can't see the teeth when i just look at it like this teeth appear okay i'll show you where the teeth are one not doing the podcast the see erica just opened up a can of worms i was doing i think we're just like constantly just spilling worms everywhere during the show next question comes from nelly who's a guy just which will i believe be explained it some parole it is getting hot in here nellie did that to me i think so i don't know i know one song that nellie did presumably based on with this questions but anyway.

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