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Now uses directed Two fifty three with Marc and Melinda and Jeff is. In Pflueger Ville, welcome Geoff how are you today Good how you guys doing great you wanna. Talk about, this social media giants and Alex Jones and what might. Happen. Next we're kind of in general I mean let's I wanna make sure it's understood that for me listen, and Alex Jones is is I would probably prefer shoving a hot nail into my. Eardrums liked the guy but, I don't want to ban people that don't say things that I agree with that's not. My game either but in, the bigger picture with all the the alleged I, guess meddling. That Russia did it boils down to Russia buying? Ads on Facebook and gullible people on Facebook. Believing them. So how many laws can we. Make the change what to me boils down to go ability I don't I, don't get. Any of this Mark Well Meddling we're talking about they bought ads and people believed him and we want to blame. Them, yeah they they they spent one hundred thousand dollars on Facebook ads leading up to the two thousand sixteen election that and that's it. Legal I'm. Sorry To me that. Shouldn't, be legal I don't I don't understand any of what's going on to be quite honest other than to say we've just lost our. Collective mind I agree we have, lost the whole meddling thing it doesn't make any, sense, to me. Either because I just. Says we as, the American general are too dumb to do any more research and I get that there are some people that oh it's there it's on the internet I. Believe it but I. Would, like to think that the majority of, us Americans, will let me do a little. Bit more research and see if we make gullibility crime we're all we all. Well they're. Not going to lock us up but they'll they'll let us out on bond we'll let's, buy stock in these prison outfits All right, Jeff and Ed coming up next. They'll have all the latest developments on tesla They're trading. In stock, was, shut down. After tweets, by, Elon Musk today and. All, the big stories just ahead Jeff and.

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