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Now. All the all the one thousand nine hundred six. So that's hence the. Because i mean th there is grim realism. What he's saying in a way but it is also an acceptance of baram something he just proves that keeping the summer live album point and He's very enrolling role in the band is basically part time member. You replaced wilson his job but he. He spent the next twenty years coming going. The bible very peculiar sort of way unsuccessful. Summarize wasn't he wrote. I write songs. For barry dave custody. He produced the debut album early career. With terry melcher as bruce. And terry bruce. When joel them with know this infamous story that bruce johnson and kim fowley went down to dolphins of hollywood. We've not in hollywood and saw john dolphin hip mud by one of his song royces. You wouldn't know that meeting students but he's interesting you know i mean. He was born in to enormous wealth. Of course so. That's a strange fact here in the story songs on on these two albums that we've been talking about. Some of his songs always sounded a novelist. Disney go right injury sound like they belong in somewhere else some like carlo design alongside russian sense that comes in with him. Brush david kassian. People a subset of what probes the beach. Boys were it would have this. he's very. He talks about relationships in the band. He's been trying to tell to tell. Not hundred sixty the evans. Wonderful whilst you come to listen saying so don't believe it while he's he's keeping summer live is desperate title for an album isn't it. They did a lot of absolute was huge. Huge was the endless coppola with american graffiti. Such kind erode commercial here a second clip. Dennis isn't.

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