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One plus eight now part two is. What should you do with a thousand dollars? that's. That's a tough question to answer. And even just from the thumbnail I didn't even know how to put together a thumbnail. So this is my goofy interpretation of trying to show how a one plus eight pro is different than in LGBT. Sixty and this was a really hard showdown for me to put together so between both videos I. Think you've got a good look at one plus versus LG. LG At different price tiers, and so I I'm I'm hoping to do more conversations like this because I kind of feel that's that's a little bit better for the consumer conversation, instead of trying to pretend that all average consumers are all shopping all phones at all price tiers. Let's ignore average consumers with thousand dollar. Price tags I I feel. We can miss average consumers with that moving right along. I gotTA give a shout out to. Developers, discovering this really cool perk on the exterior, one mark to and I immediately had to shoot a little a little feature video on it Experienced, one mark to h s power control plug in, but don't charge your phone, so we're GONNA. Be doing a whole bunch of heavy lifting on smartphones wanted the things I'm most worried about is battery degradation and there's a way to bypass battery charging. For most of the APPS on your Experi one, so you wanna run your phone hard. There's just like a trickle stream of power going to the battery and through the battery, but the phone is being powered off of the AC adaptor. It's brilliant you can check out. That's just a little teaser for As a little teaser for one feature on a phone I'm I'm still. I'm very excited to be digging into another phone that I'm really happy to be covering. This this is the thankless job of being someone. In a position like mine is I I finally finished up. My review for the iphone s e the safest phone by of twenty twenty with a little mighty mouse image on the phone screen, and it's funny I kind of figured this would happen, but the twitter twitter did YouTube response has been very very very negative to that video. From android, fans or apple, haters the fact that I say some really positive things about the phone seems to be rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. From apple fans the fact that I have some very significant concerns with the overall life cycle of a phone like the iphone. Se seems to be rubbing other people very very raw so it Kinda I'm Kinda. Stuck in the middle. You know like me trying to say. I love this experience, but I have concerns. His basically turned everyone against me so. I WANNA. See not the most divisive I feel like people are pretty well united in not liking this review. You can catch my iphone se review on Youtube and some GAGIC DOT COM, the other major video that went up is one of the patriotic exclusives that I just have to shout out because I'm so excited to see this back is the Sony Experi a one mark to audio review? The Jack is back so talking about the audio performance. The headphone quality the deck. I'm I'm trying to do something just A. A little bit more relaxed fit relaxed fit for my audio reviews on the Patriot just with so many products to review and so many phones to chew through. This is a slightly less edited, and it's a little bit more randomly kind of a discussion, but I still feel like I got all the same information out there. All the charts graphs the speaker comparisons. All of that is still there. It's just. You know the the a little less pretty. Youtube, E. Kind style delivery and and I think I kinda WanNa do that a little bit more for some of these Patriot video where it can be a slightly less formal or a bit more informal kind of conversation about tech and gadgets. And a rapping up housekeeping. I'm actually just going to show off new eggs video. Videos. youtube page because we put out a bunch of stuff and and and hopefully some of it strikes your fancy We put out a major video on the Intel tenth. Jen Chips at launch alongside a seuss MSI and gigabyte motherboard feature videos We did a highlight on our dino and then last week. We did talk about this, but we also had some stem time. some toys for kids that have. Have all a little bit of a stem twist so this lineup six videos over the last week coming out of a new egg on some some some pretty high profile topics especially with Intel's new launch. The that that chipset launches ban kind of an interesting one to follow you know Intel, it's still a huge dominant forcing P. C. building, but the competition between amd and Intel is It's pretty exciting right now. So, even though you know, we're looking at a new generation of processors it's. I'm I'm sure some people have very strong feelings about. About. What people should be putting in their PC's this these days? So some good stuff, but again I you know like we put out almost a video at day on new egg last week, so some really really killer stuff. Charlie. I'm really excited to hear that so the Sentinel Nine Oh nine says I think your seo reviewed. Just shows your lack of bias which is great Again, I would I would just like to point out I feel like I have been liberated by sharing a little bit more of my bias. Like when I go into a video and I tell you these are the things I like because this is my channel, not like You know a news publication. That, I feel like I can just stay consistent on that and I still try to figure out what other people might like, but it I really have to make this clear like it feels like this weight has been lifted off of my shoulders in trying to stay magically objective, but then still having really strong feelings about the products that I'm using, but but I definitely appreciate that because. The iphone se was such a special phone for me. The original iphone se was was still one of my all time, favorite phones to review for its focus, and for what it accomplished and I feel like this new se. Lands most of that with a few issues that I just need to be addressed. entirely spirit song I watched that I was as I was making up my mind and my wife actually told me she thinks gadget guy made great advice in the phone so. So thank thank you. For sharing videos with your family again if I, it's always like It's one of the. The most satisfying comments to hear back is like I helped someone make a purchasing decision that they really enjoyed That's that's one of the main goals of the channel. Less to confirm the phone that someone already bought and more. This stuff is complicated and it's there's a lot to talk about. And hopefully some of this can help guide or educate or or just show you something that you might not have seen so I I'm I'm I'm happy.

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