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I am on my way to United States house floor to repeat president I think if you look at the makeup of the Senate it is unlikely very unlikely the gets convicted and what impact this has on his reelection I worry about we have separation of powers for a reason you can't be speaker of the house Majority Leader in the Senate at the same time he hundred and twenty days presidential information on and more solutions for America welcome to the Sean Hannity show it's mark Simone here for Sean the the bang in your union or whatever that's I beg every time I fill in that song sticks in my head for days well look at what we call that a mere warm I just can't get rid of it so Sean is off today I'll be here and we got to ever is off Linda is gone Jason is gone we have the a team in the control room but all in the wrong places Ethan is running the control where if you ever run that board before yep you have okay but Stanger here is usually the head of operations he's actually screening now what was the last time you screen fourteen years ago two thousand two oh two thousand two okay so this is the problem with that it's like you know the you get your flu shot the nurse gives it to you well let's say you got the head of the hospital come down to give it to you that's not good the nurse doesn't like a thousand times a day Sir perfect hand they have a hospital probably isn't the missing seven years so were you saying about his calls today you know well we'll see how you can call us as you give out the number that might help one eight hundred nine four one Shawn is the number one eight hundred nine four one shot now you explain this whole impeachment to you very simply so you can understand now let's first start with what happened today the vote last night for the impeachment you see how government works you know you got like your street is not fixed to the highways not finished in the you see these guys were gonna gonna pave the highway and you come back six months later they moved up about thirty feet and that's it you what would take so long watch this impeachment yet I you know the Democrats want to impeach him there's no question about it and when they finally came up with their two charges that I might not be real charges but this is it here they go there's the two charges last week see a figure that's it let's go Monday they had seven hours of debate now I don't know what that debate was it was something about establishing the rules I would imagine if like we hear one to find out the rules of impeachment it would take five minutes would look it up and see what they are it's it instead it was eight hour debate I don't know what took so long then the next day try to watch cable news there they are again they're talking for fifteen hours this was apparently a hearing about the debate about the rules they were debating the fine I I mean they just take forever so finally they got it done they voted it in that's get ready to go now Nancy Pelosi is holding it up she said yeah I want to my not send it over there not gonna send it over there what's the hold up well she wants certain demands he wants demands about how they're going to do the hearing to guess the Senate you want to be able to call witnesses no first of all if you just did two weeks the hearings and you had seventeen witness and you just produced a four hundred page report that should be it now if you're saying you need more witnesses you're admitting it improve anything and you came to nothing you have no case if you need more witnesses but here's the demands they want more witnesses they have all kinds of demands but this is what it breaks down to she is holding up this government action until she gets her demands met isn't a quid pro quo she's asking for quid pro quo until she releases this thing not exactly which is accusing a president trump of holding up something until he gets what he wants the only thing is what he wanted was an investigation she's trying to block and hold up an investigation to get her quid pro quo so the whole thing is ridiculous you're not supposed to investigate your political opponent so they spent two weeks investigating their political opponent another holding it up demanding a quid pro quo so the whole thing is preposterous she held a press conference this morning to detail this and you know it tells you everything she made a statement and then she ran out of just ran like a thief she wouldn't take any questions no questions at all now the Republican leader came and made his statement and then said I'll answer any questions and stood there for forty minutes answering questions so that tells you everything hello see refusing to take questions why because the first question would have been Hey you're holding this up in exchange for your demands being that is in that a quid pro quo so it no questions you want to answer any questions so we'll see what happens guest of it now the couple reasons they might wanna hold this for a long long time I mean months maybe and even till November the reason the couple reasons a hold up one they can use this as an election ploy a tactic saying well you know you how did you vote for guys under impeachment is under impeachment also they are terrified that something is going to happen to Ruth Bader Ginsburg the biggest fear is that president trouble get another Supreme Court appointee so if something should happen to her and he gets a chance to nominate somebody this will be the excuse to refuse to even hear it they'll say we can't even begin to hear this with the president is under patient impeachment us we settle course then they'll just never settle it so that's the prob now the other hand if you were them why wouldn't you do this if you were them what choice would you happen to think about it if you're them you've got and they now know this ticket absolutely no chance in two thousand twenty they haven't come up with a candidate they got twenty candidates not one of them has been able to win a debate nobody had they had five debates nobody wins in any of these debates at the end of every debate in history the commentators all the side who won and you pretty much is all this guy clearly was a winner this was the way five debates thirty seven CNN MSNBC comment if they can't tell you who won nobody won they keep telling me about Joe Biden he's electable he's the guy that can win he's that hasn't won a single debate yet if they just thrilled if you can even get through it without collapsing with that fainting at is so nobody has been able to win a debate they haven't got a candidate and they haven't got an issue you can mention climate change but everybody falls asleep when he heard that you could talk about your socialism you could talk about your income inequality but it doesn't register with most Americans listen on the twittersphere of angry trumpeters it's great but we're real voters it means absolutely nothing so haven't got an issue they haven't got a candidate and there is historical formula that they can't break no president gets thrown out after one term it never happens except for three times in modern history three times a Ford Carter bush senior see only cases of somebody being thrown out after one term all three had one thing in common a disastrous economy the economy was so bad to get thrown out also in each case if you study the campaigns the person running against them never ran a negative campaign never even mention them just ran a positive uplifting campaign a Carter did Reagan did Clinton did so under historical precedent they got no shot at winning there's never gonna break that that history of a what you can't be a one term president with a booming economy it's impossible can't happen so add to that no candidate and no issues and that's it now you eat the only thing they can do is try this impeachment you could say what a blemish on his record not really if you look at his record the greatest economy in a million years jobs at a fifty one year low and in the next few months jobs will be at all time record low so you've got record breaking the economy incorrigible success soon impeachment on the record means nothing it's like a guy with seven hundred home runs who looks to see ME strike at the it doesn't matter at that point it's a record of amazing incredible accomplishment now tonight is the debate what number debate is is I think it's six six the bait nobody nobody even remembers so tonight's debate and each debate gets less and less and less viewers tonight's debate is on CNN yeah it's at eight o'clock it's got everything going against that nobody wants to see these debates it's on the lowest rated network CNN and tonight's debate is run by PBS which means PBS moderators your listen at PBS radio that the NPR they all talk like this in all mobile you you think you called a phone sex line by mistake everybody sounds like this role talking like this so I don't even know if you'll hear the questions now here's the most amazing thing and now if anybody watches the bay which probably won't happen but if normal people watch the debate here's what they would see a three hour debate where nobody asked Joe Biden about Ukraine or hunter Biden it's all the all the the main issue right now in the campaign that's what the impeachment all about nobody's even gonna ask Joe Biden they won't even mention last two debates did any moderator say it is the thing with your son in the Ukraine could you explain that nobody asks him they never even bring it up it's the major major major issue it's it's the impeachment itself all on that one question and in the last two three debates no moderator thought it was even relevant enough to bring up so the whole thing is rigged the whole thing is ridiculous Michael Bloomberg not in tonight's debate deliberately you have to have a certain amount of donors to be in the debate he's deliberately not taking donations he does not want to be in the debate because if he's in the debate it wipes them out completely because they run these commercials with an announcer that sounds very impressive on a targeted announcer tells you he did this he did that he did that but as soon as you hear him talk it shatters the whole illusion he's got this little pips squeak voice with the stick south Hampton accent and he sounds like a ridiculous Thurston Howell the third from Gilligan's island so you can't can't ever talk in public the fact that he can't speak in his own commercials tells you everything you need to know so I think the guy that gets hit hard tonight is Pete booted judge he's the rising star in the democratic primary so they're gonna try to take him out Bernie Sanders just kind of does his own thing doesn't worry about anybody else but Elizabeth Warren was up there and now collapsing so watch out for her she's like a cornered rat she's going to attack she'll probably try to take out blue judge that think the problems with put a judge for the Democrats he's gay which helps that's big in the democratic primary world but they can't do anything about it normally if a guy's got something like he's got a great healthcare plan then you copy it so whatever the other guy's got you just steal it from him but the you.

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