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News is hour from town hall dot com i'm bob agnew in washington former alabama supreme court chief justice more and more wanted to say gop primary runoff for un set of last night his defeated opponent the are a nieto center lucas strange offered congratulations where republicans we care very much about this country care very much about this state and we wish him the best going forward uh as he faces the next challenge and the former chief justice will be squaring off against a democrat doug jones in a december twelve special election house republicans meeting today to talk about tax reform we get a preview from capitol hill correspondent wally hindes speaker paul ryan a republican leaders in the house the senate in the white house we've come together on this concrete framework for historic tax reform that includes plans to lower rates and simplify return this is a top priority of ours ryan goals at an historic opportunity reform that we have not seen in this country since nineteen eighty six house republicans are spending most of this day away from the capital being brief all the plants as capitol hill correspondent wally hindes reporting he was federal government has dispensed large numbers of personnel puerto rico to help with the aftermath of hurricane maria at local officials praised the response but but he across the island say they have yet to even see anybody offering aid from the local or federal government the scope of the disaster is so large that help has yet reach many farflung areas the mexican government giving an update on the recent earthquake wake it says more than twelve thousand people whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the seven point one magnitude earthquake on september 9th are still sleeping outdoors for some frustration is growing some of the quake victims still camped on mattress is not having at a proper shower in several days annamaria custody those living at a shelter with five relative says it's so something out of a horror story on wall street the dow yesterday down twelve points more on these stories at town home dot com.

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