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Oh, eight ten. Oh, that's the no aren't you Franklin here on K, G O. We just heard from Sima the court TV reported from about the twenty fifth anniversary of the OJ trial. Right the middle of it. Now do you remember I was Outer Banks of North Carolina during that? And I mean and my wife and I were together when he was announced that not guilty and we looked at each other like you gotta be freaking kidding me. But, you know, everybody I knew I knew a lawyer, my, my mom worked for US district attorney's office, and he said he was surprised that they stand out as long as it. Did he thought that that Mark Furman killed the case for the prosecution and that exactly as Sima had said earlier, there was no sympathy at all for her that she was like it was almost like this thing like like she was a horrible woman, but he decapitated her? I would if OJ Simpson had a coronary tonight and died. I would shed, no tears. I think the guy should have been in jail the rest of his life. He decapitated his ex wife. He literally cut her. They heard head was barely hanging on that holds a lot for me. Clint you're on with chip and Nikki Keijo. If the glove doesn't fit, right? Right. Move ever God. That was so brilliant, Johnny Cochran. He was he was, of course, in more than Seinfeld with that. That's right. Forgot about that. Yeah. Unbelievable. Everybody knows the you're not doing nineteen eighty nine earthquake. And I'm over everybody knows that they've got the difference yesterday in the xactly where they were hit here, Tober, eight nine and they know exactly where they were. When they watched the OJ chase. That was actually Becky in, in New York to buddies wedding. We're sitting in a bar and it was like sundown, you know, perpetuator evening, down there, and we'll Washington west coast radio with that slow chasing on the Bronco. Everybody knows exactly what it wouldn't have an issue with here. By the way, I remember court. TV. Yeah. You know, it's funny, I for the sports stuff. I remember I was when a magic announced he was positive, and remember thinking. Oh my God. I mean, because I loved Magic Johnson. It's still do I mean, you know, I just like I was like, oh my God. Yeah. Thanks for the call. The white Bronco that was that's been. You can't see a white Bronco today. Absolutely, dave. Hi you're on chip in Nikki. Yeah. I think yo J Simpson case reflected three things to be still true today. Money buys, one by excellent lawyers better adversarial, ability to manipulated hearing it building. Suppress evidence in the building, just to suppress the truth of what the defense, but that was just all it was was the. Money. Your money buys the kind of experience can by the kind of deer excellence that you need. If you can can intimidate the other side, it can do a lot. You're right. I mean, they can they can bury you and depositions that can do money is. Yeah. It's that's what's there's, that's a real privilege in American society, money privilege. Right. Coming up. Congresswoman Jackie speier will join us. We'll talk about how hard it is to get Republicans to work with them on guns next to you. Fit evening. I'm Nikki medoro. San francisco. Fire officials say a fourteen year old boy pulled out of a vein near Chrissy field has died. Rescuers say they got to the boy about ninety minutes after his friends reported missing many people headed for the.

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