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There's one or two issues i have along the way but it i really enjoyed the fact that it it it cleared up the how things were going on overall and made a sort of more question the why and i dug that all right interesting and ryan well i liked the more than they did i think 'cause i thought just cinematic ly man like the last real okay living i i'd say that the last forty five minutes or hours what made me really really really loved the movie but then the build up up to that point was just was pretty good it was interesting you know there's some cool scenes and the the world building was cool but that last act spoiler the silent one is really awesome i thought and jared you're about to give your review journal watch on a laptop which i don't feel like you're gonna have to take his review at the grain of salt i mean i'm willing to admit that certainly there i mean obviously the optimized viewing experience for almost any movie theater specifically cinematic like you gotta be in the fucking theater listen it can it's because of the sound now just shaking the whole i mean by that by that absolutely let paramount know that because of their deal with netflix for their international release right gave up on this movie understand i'm also james i'm glad that you've read the book because i'm excited to talk because you know i i haven't read the book but it was just a movie to me but i'm excited to hear more about the book.

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