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And to the point where it feels almost like the israeli palestinian conflict is mostly a concern for israel east in palestinian snag when it comes to regional power remember being you know eight or nine years old and watching like a beauty pageant right and they would say like what what do you want most in the world and he would say peace in the middle east and that meant israelpalestine right it didn't mean now if you say peace in the middle east what does that mean yemen syria iraq like it doesn't mean is your palestine it means a whole bunch of stuff i someone i want to hear more about like young jen and her like watching were you in a beauty no i definitely wanted to be on star search though but is that your i think it's not just that the care about this limited israel and palestine when i go to israel people there are just obsessed with run i mean it's a ron ron ron ron and i think as we're talking more broadly like there's the shift not just in general of israel palestine not being would causes piece but the much more specific fear that iran is what causes instability that iran is what is an existential threat in the in the eyes of the leaders whether it is or it isn't to israel to saudi arabia to the emerets so there's like this shadow and that shadow isn't israelpalestine that shadow was fear of ron and that's i think what's been so interesting these last couple of months especially in the run of to trumping out of the iran deal and serve the rhetoric since you now have like the us also basically saying we are also all in on like concerns about iran and that's kind of like i think the meta shift right it's not just israel that you go to and you hear iran iran iran it's saudi arabia it's the eat right it's it's the gulf more generally and that's created this weird quasi sorta kind of real alliance right where saudi arabia and it's kind of gulf allies are essentially for all intents and purposes kind of allied with israel which you know if you had said that twenty five years ago would have just been baffling it would just been like your that's insane you're making stuff up but it's real.

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