The New York Post discussed on The Stuttering John Podcast


It's the only good thing is that they have with Evangelical voters and the polls are so terrible. So they need something that he can make use of everywhere. He goes for the last two weeks because they can't buy any ads. You know, they won't even and they and they can't put any ads on using this shit even if they had money because none of the networks will put it up because it's unverified and horrifying it's just garbage so long. This is It's a you can tell it's a shit October surprise, you know, it's like what it's like when you see a movie come out and there's tons of reviews on the poster that are great single with astonishing, you know, and you find out later it said astonishing piece of shit piece of shit. I guess you read my movie reviews, but that's honestly that's I mean, that's what they're doing. But it's like it's you know, but but the story overall, I mean it gets more hilarious the more they interview the dude behind it. The New York Post is shit the bed with it. They're trying to do this to compete with the tax stuff..

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