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I was climbing up a tree, and I wouldn't afraid to go out on hill. I wonder frame to push envelope because I'd Hanno backup bland I was going forward. Because if he's going to land up everybody against the wall, and I wouldn't be the biggest guy. The best looking smartest, whatever. But my competitive who I am that that was the way that I can you know, like the way you deliver your your humor that may being me turned up to that level. We was talking about while ago that was me getting a chance to me. So I. I live, and I just think in today's system to answer you question, I think because of all the corporate money because of all is everything. So political these days, unfortunately, I just think that the Debbie superstars for the most part are having to walk on eggshells. So imagine like if you had to walk on eggshells and just didn't cover anything that you felt was going to make someone uncomfortable. I asked Bill Burr went down. I said Bill Bill to push evola below. We went to a podcast, and man, we went to his show in Manhattan beach, my wife, and I and I was sitting in my damn table thought my head was gonna explode because I'm laughing so God damn hard. And on a podcast. I said Bill said sometimes you gotta push him below. You know, I said, what are you drawing land? And he goes, Steve when people pay ticket to see me, they know what they're getting. They are they know what they're signing in for or signing up for. So they expect it and I'm like, okay. We're gonna watch me this, you know, what you sound enough. Or my mother told me she said, Steve if outta saw. What you're doing? Now back when you're a kid. I wouldn't let you watch you. Anyway, that's wholeness door on another day. But yeah, it's just a different structure. And did Did you you did did you? you chance to watch TLC last night? I did what did you think? That's pretty good is difficult for me right now because I haven't been watching any raw or smackdown. So I don't know what the stories where. But the overall event that the main event was was amazing. I love the big fan of Charlotte and Becky and Osco. So there's no way you could go wrong there thought it was really good as far as beating my expectations. Because I went in there being I think right now, it's a weird time because no Roman bronze hurt is just like a big reloading time. And so I haven't really been paying that much attention to have been too busy flying around. And I'm watching enough new Japan became me interested there and excited there. So I don't you know, I thought the women do now standing job into Yoshi match, and I'm not a fan of TLC views in general because. There's like a save that match or whatever it is for the very in the rest of all normal wrestling matches because we like f- Jim Jefferies was gonna had a car, and it's all eight or anti Christ the whole the whole rest of the car in the lead up to him has got to be something different doing to ain't jet. I mean, that's maybe a bad analogy immediately. Now, the in also it's harder now to watch late particular late. Like chair matches the guy who's been watching wrestling time or difficult to watch. How many ways can I watch you wait to perfectly lineup chair shot with their bag? You know, like I can't realistically watch that and suspend my disbelief, but I don't want you to just hit people in protected in the head anymore. But so I just don't feel the need for them. But I'm always I mean, it was I loved it. She was what's going to happen now because my girl Becky big attitude you coming on strong swagger back. She got all of a sudden here comes run two pushes latte over her and Charlotte tumble. Asca who I love. I look I love all three of those women. I mean because they're bad ass competitor own rights and low there Gress of -ness of Osco, especially what you came in..

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