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Or like, my friends who are thirty. And they can only do mills porn now. I'm sure you did listen to the butterfly effect yellow. Yeah. Talking about what's in it. Yeah. Does he? Yeah. Yeah. John John consulted with John a lot for loan related, prog people that don't know. I think is a Muslim born in St. about paying people in how what's his name Julian? Yeah. The guy who kind of figured out porn hub. But this kind of goes into like, you couldn't do that for TV and film, they stopped that. But because it's porn people are like. We total. There's so much self aid. And shame. Yeah. And there's so much mystification around. How it works that nobody can really talk about. So. Yeah. John, and John is John is really awesome. That's actually one of the only maybe the only thing about porn by an outsider. That's good. Just there's almost nothing. So he really did a good job on that. But I remember what I was gonna say he talked about the gap of girl can either be like a teenager. Right. A mill. Yeah. So like when they're shooting when she's like twenty eight. Yeah. They're just like well, see you when you're thirty four. Yeah. Whatever it is. And it's like no one so flipping gymnast or any like outta here. Grandma. You just fifteen helped me realize I sort of feel the same way about the Olympics as I do about foreign joking. I'm like, you have someone like barking orders that you getting you up keeping you in shape. You're right. There's weird moves super athletes thought it, and then there's a time when you're no longer relevant. Yeah. And of course, there's like Greg Louganis. And so even the sexuality gets into the pick sometimes of the pool. Into so. So what was I saying now? Oh, so this. Yeah. Like, I spend probably eighty five percent of my time talking about stuff talking about sex and sexuality doing activism to convince people that sex is no big deal. Meaning like, it's just like anything else, it's constitutive of being human. So you like, we don't we literally don't exist without it. It's part of us just like eating talking like eating sandwiches more like playing more like having a conversation. So like I'll come back to that in a second. But then you have to go through that that total normalization neutralizing of sex. And then you can see the things that are distinct and interesting about it. But until you go through that first part, you don't really have a right to talk about the second part. You have to sort of reduce it down to something. That's really no big deal at all. It's not really even special or even some ways. Interesting. And then you can start thinking about wide is interesting. It's interesting because someone raising a daughter where like what are we going to tell? Maybe law about sex. And obviously, I want to be very positive and not give her the baggage that I that. I was given through my church, and yeah, it wasn't really. It wasn't my parents. My dad was always like, you sink, the Bismarck, yet pita generally even know to me still. Still it's a submarine. And it looked like a day. So it's like did you submerge the submarine in what in World War who? Oh, yeah. Yeah. China's are watery grave, and I. I. And he remembers that from when I was born. So my parents, and my mom was not anti sex. But I so you're thinking, okay. And I really love for you on pack this. Okay, I'm thinking. Okay. Well, you tell her sort of like the modern version of prudence, which is sex is special as I'm going against what you did. And I know that I'm just like sex is a gift it's a special thing that you share with people that you care about. And so, but even there there are hints of so don't be at trowel up. Right. So there is some sex. Shame even in my. We haven't done this yet. She won't we don't wanna this conversation tomorrow filter afternoon. In goo goo Gaga. But even I'm realizing my own sort of agenda in saying that it might kind of sound a little bit woke. But I'm really saying like well don't. But then you don't want it to get pregnant. There's always that sort of well, Well, you you know, know. are you friends with Moshe casher? Okay..

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