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Us for a few minutes and Jeffrey you know stands talking not sure how big of a test the rest is going to be I've even seen computer models now the level heiau state deep deep deep into the season you think or over confident right now I don't know the war were confidential but this is a really special football team even though we haven't seen great opposition for the first four weeks and sometimes it's tough to judge how good you are but I think we just been you know overpowering and and and I'm I'm very impressed with what Justin's fields has been able to do root them over. remind our listeners that coming into this season this young man had only started sixteen games in his entire life and I'm talking all the way back into high school none of those being a college football game and his force for four weeks we thought we'd Haskins was a was a pretty good deal last year well will all that that Justin feels is done is for as account for nineteen touchdowns already that's to wear head of the pace that Dwayne ask consent a year ago you know he's been great Jeff but the the only moment that I can really think very high boy he's a little off was at Indiana especially early in that game he was high wide and I was wondering is is the road at a severity two hyped up I am interested to see Saturday night his first primetime game how does he handle a much rougher atmosphere then Indiana that to me is going to be an interesting tidbit in the game are you interested to see that as well well I think it's it will be interesting to see matters the kid continues to progress through the challenges of the season has to offer and you know each one of these games as a stepping stone in a I think that these are kind of in the right order as far as Justin feels as concerned as Cincinnati was a excuse me Cincinnati was a warm up for Indiana Indiana maybe a warmup for Nebraska ag you know I just think it moves in the right direction and I think quite frankly after this one's over we're gonna be talking about the same thing next week going up against a even better opponent in Michigan state the what will be at home it'll be at night it'll be exciting in Ohio stadium and I just think these are the natural progressions that a college athlete especially a quarterback in a place like Ohio state goes through so each week has new challenges but I I feel like this kid is is only so far is well positioned to handle them a lot of people ask me does this game ski area and my answer is not really however I would be lying if. there wasn't a part of me that can't get you can't get at Iowa out of my head and I'm you know I know it's a different team different year different coach what about you Jeff do the ball out of the past against teams that they were heavily favored against on the road it still bother you were still a question mark going into this game are you think they're just fine well. my problem with this matter is is that that I remember a Nebraska as the unbelievable power out west as part of the big twelve and the fact of the matter is for the last twenty years they've been pretty average of Backstreet maybe even below average and so there are there are still on the recovery they're still moving in that direction what amazes me the overnight and Matt I understand your your feeling on this what amazes me though is that at Ohio state there we go thirteen and one a year ago a little the only thing people can remember that one lost yeah and you know they that dwell on it and again I guess were you a unique in that we can go back and we can remember each one of those signature I hate to say it that way signature losses in the urban Meyer era because there were only a handful of of his entire time that he was here. no most of these mostly school saying how many joules westerly grow six seven games I don't know but we remember the one that that was there I don't see this being in that same vein as those other two games into just it's almost like you know every unit is playing at such a high level you feel like with Justin fields you cannot score make you have to if they're not clicking the defense can clamp down and if it's a ten seven fourteen ten type of game you still feel like they can go and even if it's dicey then you just get it drew out on the field and you pay them deep and they figure it out so I I you know I feel like no matter what comes their way they're going to have the right answer well I think you're right in may and Joel probably the biggest surprise of the season has to be the play of the Buckeye defense of silver bullets of made a resurgence for Ohio state football in Ohio state's defense was allowed just two hundred and forty one rushing yards in the first four games which is a twelve year or as far as Ohio state is concerned you go back and look at Nebraska though a week ago they played Illinois in in Illinois a bad football program no question about it but they end up with three hundred yards rushing in three hundred yards passing in that game so they've got the capacity to really generate some offense and I think this will be the toughest test our defenses fixed okay well bill Connelly stand Jackson day bets old we are gonna be eating chicken wings tonight talking Buckeyes your doing the C. W. saying with high school football who you got tonight well I I need to rely on Johnny for this to give me directions on I'm going to Chillicothe tonight I'm not sure why but I'm traveling all the way to Chillicothe I thought we were gonna do central Ohio but in all honesty we've got login they named the school after me about this Logan playing at Chillicothe and the one interesting thing is the Hilton family which is a well known coaching family in central Ohio run again is the head football coach down at. the Chillicothe cavalier so I may have to do a couple stops along the way down twenty three I understand there's a John cook golf course down this way. beautiful beautiful. I may do a little stop on the way to Chillicothe this afternoon just for the record I I recommend you stop at the dairy Friesen south Bloomfield and forget the golf that's really good stuff. really good stuff either way Jeff have a great night will be watching Bucks lying to thanks for the update on.

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