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This summer i Mike Clifford for public news service. We we are member and listener supported and you'll find us online at Public News Service Dot O._R._G.. Not Because of the path that lies before me but because of the path that lies behind me I remember that one hundred years we have caught these soon after a century of law I remember that which we still let them remember veered into a coffin here on declare your independence a year and a sand clock in Phoenix Arizona from the B. E. A. -utiful studios of doc what Max Egan maxine talk to hear just second and the third hour we got ten PA- Chote did Liberty Advisor going to help us out in economics and such so we'll get to that tomorrow zero we have <hes> Donna had here K. We got Cindy Sheehan's in the first hour you guys don't remember back in God it was Oh four five. She started Camp Casey member no six in front of Bush's ranch ranch and so on I went there for like a week you know covered that prayer America and it was it was interesting and Cindy. She has become a friend. She's going to be on the show tomorrow rage against the war machine so we're GONNA be talking about that. She's of course antiwar in the second second hour Mike Sylvia he was a state legislator in the Free State Project in New Hampshire and he has he really inspired me. I'm wondering I'm going what is it that we can do go pirate and so on the twenty twenty election cycle can really make the point that we wh-what if it pleases the crown can I leave yeah. That's one thing pleases the crown can I dwell on my own property and it comes down to this environmental kind of stuff last couple of decades and they're doing an occupancy permit the whole thing is these being retaliated against because as a legislator he costs some town they moved into Alabama Nimmo gets up so he we'll talk about that tomorrow. It's it's interesting comes down to occupancy occupancy permit with that they can control everything I take that away by initiative or something we start getting the idea and people's heads that you can live on your own land on my goodness certainly out and unincorporated areas and I'm going yes. I can take away away their power. We'll find out. We'll work on that then. Doug Nausbaum is a regular reader and commenter on Freedoms Phoenix. He has been a troll to be honest now. He just hates the fact that we you know <hes> show what's going on in the Middle East and who's to blame for whatever and vaccines and he's a big vaccine supporter John well get your butt on radio here everything I hear everything so he's coming on finally lake finally finally he decided after years and years and years you come on tomorrow now. Today were first hour Max Egan. We've done some podcast with him. I Donna has it up in the show notes for the archive and it's going to show you know Max and I talk and before getting to know each other and what I wanted to talk to now now e. l. commentary on technology and history now. We're going to get the histories taken history. You know it's not what they say. Hey it is. He's made it up because they can you know and you think about it really not that hard so especially if you're the government so I want to introduce you to Max Egan real quick. He's our radio host political commentator activists world traveller author lecturer and philosopher. I currently lives in New South Wales Australia. He's in Australia right now as a musician and artist and he's been experimenting with Computer Art Cope Most of his time time these days is spent on the radio show video presentations research into government corruption and ancient history working on his next book and artwork when he can find the time you can find the Crow House the Crow Zero House Dot Com the Crow House Dot Com and he has a popular very popular gazillions of followers subscribers to his youtube channel that the man doesn't like and if they don't like you.

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