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I know you're saying there's no way i'll ever be able to try out at leesamattress no here's my instructions try a leesa mattress in your own home for one hundred nights even totally riskfree this available in the us the uk the canada and the germany online with free shipping this one hundred percent american made mattress ships compressed in a box right to your door you open up the box in doing there's a mattress or you can try to the lisa dream gallery and so nyc in virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide get one hundred twenty five dollars off and a free pillow when you go to lisa dot com slash bang bang that is l e s a dot com slash bang bang red rover red rover san rover dot com right over rover we'll fluff what if i did this ad just in dog language are far flew flew af that's a fanciful notion and made me smile and i'm not gonna apologize for that and i would fight for your freedom to say whatever you want that makes you smile for your right to do that to the death i would fight for that right that's how important it is to me so i'm glad that you allowed me to do it i wanna talk about rover dot com all right rover dot com could be anything when you hear those words put together rover dot com in that i mean if you take them out of order dot rover com com rover dot who knows it could be anything it's like gibberish is basically rover dot com is gibberish until you find out that what it what that what those letters and those words connect to is incredible it is the largest network of five star pet care in north america whoa rover dot com doesn't sound like gibberish anymore does it.

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