Congressman Kauffman, President Trump, Kaufman discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Newsradio. Colorado's election station the race in Colorado. Six can get congressional district is being closely watched by political pundits Republican incumbent by Kaufman is facing a tough challenge. From democrat Jason Crowe in a debate that airs on seven tonight at Colorado public television channel twelve are Jerry bell s Kaufman. A great President Trump on style and substance. I think our give be on substance. Well, that's kinda hard. Maybe you see on substance. I I think I differ on immigration. I different frayed. I think I think fair traders great, but when you get into protectionism that's wrong. I think that the the tone. I'd give him an f absolutely enough on the tone. I think it's wrong. I think there's a certain dignity to do office of the presidency of the United States. I served in the army and the Marine Corps noncommissioned officer in the army Filbert officer in the Marine Corps. And it was always an expectation every time I got promoted for how I would conduct myself and say, I think they ought to be the same for the president of the United States. He's the commander in chief, and he ought to conduct themselves accordingly. Jason cherry. I think this administration has failing across the board right and just a few weeks ago. Congressman Kauffman said, you know, he did he disagrees with the tone of this president. But it feels like he's doing a lot of great things. You know, the the town is deeply troubling has just Twitter feed. And the message that he sends to our allies and our partners across the world. The message that he sends to our diverse communities in the message of the other than you constantly sends to the country is tearing this country apart at the same time. We're gutting environmental protections. We're not addressing climate change or not addressing the gun violence issue for the first time since the Affordable Care Act was passed. There are now fewer people on the healthcare roles than there were before the Affordable Care Act was passed. People are going bankrupt people are dying because they're not getting the care. They need we have families in our community in our district who are being torn apart because they're being deported across the board. The people of. Our community need help they need leadership. That's going to actually hold this administration accountable. Not be not be a rubber stamp, and you can watch the entire debate tonight at seven o'clock on Colorado public television channel twelve five money. News, Financial.

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