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Okay. And I would later my wife's like, did you tell them they could jump off the garage roof? I'm like, hell, I might have. I don't know what they're saying. This is not fair to have you earlier this show because I'll be wiped out here in 15 minutes. So as you've made your way to say that your world famous, but in the south, what's your ear for the different dialects? Well, it's very funny because in LA they think southern dialect. And there's no such thing as because Tennessee is different than Georgia like Tennessee. They washed their clothes and they picked flares. I have relatives in the Low Countries South Carolina, which it's almost like a little bit it's that geechee, it's a little bit more of that Cajun kind of thing. And then New Orleans. I mean, there's a lot of different southern accents. And so I remember the first audition I went on in LA. They wanted a funny skinny southern guy. And so I thought, well, I got a shot at this. And I went in and started reading in the lady stop me. She said, no, no, no, can you do a real southern accent? And she was wanting me that, hey, y'all. Hey, I said, well, that's not a real southern accent. And anybody that's from the south, spot Saturday mile away. Jeff Foxworthy was Jeff, I know you got a gig tonight and I know it's fun to be back on the road. So how did you spend COVID? Trying to listen to my wife, talk, I learned very early Paul that I am not qualified to be the only person she has conversation with because she could talk free dogs off of meat wagon. It was a job. So but the cool thing is, I did become a grandfather over COVID. And I don't know how my daughter pulled it off, but somehow she got on the Jerry Springer show. And we were able to find out who the father is without spending one time of our own money. Not real. We have no idea.

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