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Seventy five degrees w w j news time six thirty news update wins from the outer edges hurricane. Florence are ripping up. Flags on the North Carolina coast and storm surge is moving onto beaches in streets, nearly thirty thousand people in North Carolina already without power, and that number is rising. Governor ROY Cooper don't risk your life riding out a monster storm, and in fact, not only you're risking your own life. You're potentially risking the life of a first responder CBS is Jeff glories in Wilmington North Carolina where there's already been a record announced of rain this year the ground and everything else is already saturated here. There's really nowhere for the water to go. Even if we were to get five or ten inches of rain when you start talking about twenty inches of rain here and in some isolated spots. There is there's the potential for thirty to forty inches of rain that percents major major problems CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. This is NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time six thirty two residents in evacuations. Zones in South Carolina, looking to get to safer areas as hurricane Florence comes in closer, Courtney Olbrich originally from Michigan had to leave her home with her dog and two cats in Myrtle Beach, and is instead saying the evacuation city of Achim, South Carolina, speaking live on WWE J, Courtney says she's a little nervous probably one of the bigger storms since I've been here. We did get hit by hurricane Matthew. That was we will one when it came on in this one obviously was coming before it seems to be a bad. So I'm hopeful that by the time it crosses Myrtle Beach that the winds aren't as high as they say they're going to be. But right now, it looks like the rain is going to be the biggest issues Albright says she's concerned about flooding in her home. Developing news this hour, emergency crews are responding.

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