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Is GonNa be long not going to be watching me big boy tonight. I will I'll watch that but that's it you did. It hurt a little bit when he said that a little bit. Why did you feel like cold inside for a second I felt numb? And then I I if you watched it. I then took out a flashlight and I flashed it at the screen. I panicked panic so hard. Ahead this flashlight that shoots ten thousand luminaries and I just hit it at the screen thinking it would make it turn off make go away and so but here's the worst part of all of it is. I realized that question you can go. Well thought it was a good question. I gotta be honest. I love you stepping in Shit and everything like that. I watched that live and I thought it was. You always you you come up with like these sometimes outrageous but really fun ideas and same thing goes for questions. I thought it was like a really interesting. So when I'm watching it like I was like that's such a birth. Thought like if you could make one day the day. That was which movie. I thought he was going to be like. Oh man as you know in the end. Just 'cause I know Jill I knew I know for a fact it like there are shows. I've worked on where I would. We're the set. Yes so much fun to just showing up to set cheered me up. Yeah and I was like if I thought I think everyone. Who's a Sander Van Goghs? What movie was about because I thought it was later. I thought it was good question. And he had. It actually threw me off watching it when he was like. I don't like it and I've never thought that I hate you. I was like Oh my God but it me off. It really did. It was like Whitney. Just wrap this interview up right now. Just wrap it up with a bow and then I left. Whitney's and I was like she was like that went great. I think that would really great and I was like yeah. Tom was like blind. I was like yeah when great like my head was it was a great You know what that one question is when you bomb a show and people are like good. Say like yeah you know. I think there were a lot of people in the back that it wasn't it wasn't even that it was that. I thought I heard laughter. Yeah and I didn't know that I didn't do well and I got in the car and I left Whitney's and driving down. I'm driving down where you can start get reception and my phone blows up like just and I was like odd and the first ones J. O. Kherson and his attacks It's a tax read. Exactly what it says is Jay. That's the first one I read and I'm like Oh that's odd like I guess jaded and think it went well but I was like Oh cool. You still don't know how it went. I still don't know how it went because when I called you you had the face. I face time you had the face of someone who is really well in it by then he wrote. Damn Dude. We gotta talk about everything you said. Everything you said went wrong two Atom Holy Shit when we go. We're going on now. Ll No it it. It went bad. You're hilarious adorable. I just think it's so fucking funny. You said every title wrong and I read that I want. You didn't know yet. I didn't know so that is your brain work. I don't it just goes faster than my mouth sometimes. Because you always you missed a you miss pronouncing miss. But Madison's kind of forgivable it's the name of his production company as the combination of two names of movies. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. And I so I I'm driving and then my phone rings and it's Mike Gibbons Mike. Gibbons was the writer on my show on Netflix and it was the producer Bruce over the segment and he texted me. He calls me and he's laughing hysterically and he goes do Adam Sandler interview fucking classic. Yeah and I was like well right because I'm Jay off right now. Went well and he went dude. You asked him if he had net flicks. Yeah that's what I was about to ask you right now and I was like. Yeah right and he goes burt. He has a two hundred million dollar deal. Netflix like Def definitely has like they throw it in and I went. Oh Yeah and then in my head I was like okay and then and he was like Bert. I go other than that. It went good right and he was like you. You caught all those names movies by the wrong name. I did not know I did that. Ashes Jam when I did anyone Bert. You call it happy. Gil- Happy Madison. And I was like okay in my head I was like whatever. And then he's like you said your daughters and you guys are GonNa Watch precious gems and not called presses gems. It goes it's uncut gems and I went all of a sudden I got called like real cold like I'd fucked up but I feel like do you go do you go you say things like. There's probably a turnaround this corner. Who'S GONNA START? Turning and then the maybe it'll be a turn there. Yeah Yeah it's almost like it's exactly like that like I know we gotta start turning like I'm driving a race track blind. Yeah we go. This'll be kinda right. It's like driving when you felt that cold it you'll you'll get this analogy driving in the rain in Florida when the rains so hard all you know is you're you think you're still on the road right right and you're going maybe. I'm going too fast. Yeah and then Yearbook I. As soon as he said you called a precious gems. That's what I was like. I did call precious gems. That's not the name he's done cut gems and I was getting on the one zero one and I got cold and I went. Oh I fucked that interview up. And he's like dude he wouldn't answer your last question. Yeah and then I was like Oh my God like I really felt like I went home and then I was like blackout and I'm not drinking so I'm like you know what is probably was like for him. Though you do like radio call with a host. Who's like I did our? We were big Santa Canadian. Dude this guy so fucking funny I just saw. Hey girl your new special and your light happened to be. I did call ends Monday morning. Yeah I did Collins Monday morning and the first one I called into is the guy goes We Got Brent Christner on the phone and I was like am I had on my mother fucker. And he's got a new special called. Hey Hey boy. Big Boy and I was like that's not the title whatever and then I was like this fucking idiot. Didn't do any research like he couldn't even just read it right. So maybe there's there's a little bit of that for him to I. I then talked to. He's like this guys are worded interviewing hard in my head. I was like I just want Sandler to think I didn't do any research that I was like. You actually don't know who you are and like what you're an actor interview like. So how long have you been in? Stand up yeah so Says you've been movies. You're popular guy. I said I said the Leanna go. I did not do that interview. Well she was like well. I'm sure it's fine ago. Actually I think is the worst interview anyone's done like like so bad like she goes. It can't be that bad and I go no and so I started playing it for and because it was all things comedy thing and I said the intro and she goes. Oh intro too much and I went. That's not the bad part. Goes bad part I go no and then she said. Whoa are you so close to this green and I'm like maybe it hasn't even gotten bad yet. She watched it she. She watched it process it and she goes. Okay I know you and your overexcited. You were way to excited. And that's cute she goes. I think it's endearing it is endearing and then she goes. Here's the deal. You were like Chris. Farley and that sketchbook interviewed Paul McCartney except you're playing a character you were really that Moron he and I went okay and she goes. Well you know you like Chris Farley and you you know you like that sketch so we've gotta think you're okay like it can't be that bad and then I just sat there. Mike binder texted me and he was like great fucking interview and there mother Fucker and like facetime you what Adam laughing and I was like I gotta call you later. Yeah it's it's funny because like you do I all I can think was legit like I was like everyone's going to be i. Just everyone's going to be like you fucking sock like all the Internet because it's the biggest star on the whole platform. Probably the number one interview they have for the whole thing and then i. I wasn't even invited to be on. Whitney's thing I fucking bum rush it and I ruined the interview. It was like Oh my God. And then that night I'm sitting there and an I I'm scrolling through my mentions and I see one from at Adam Sandler and I was like. Hey WanNA thank Burton Whitney for having me on laugh aid checkout burt special. Hey big boy. I'm watching it right now. It's fucking hilarious or whatever and I was like all of a sudden. I'm like okay sucking hurried and then I'll make that paid off. Hit movie on pause. We're watching. This is the end I go. Hey guys gotta work out. Everyone figure out. How many re tweet this like My daughter's like what I go. I'm going to tweet this. I'm GonNa need to comment so I'm GONNA run a few ideas of how I comment on the tweet like made my year. I don't WanNA bring up virus right all right all right guys and that just just re tweet it and they go. No no no. I'm going to quote retweeted like daddy go with my daughter. Islands like who the Fox Adam. Sandler go the fucking guy from Happy Gilmore. She's like like mixed confused. That with like Ace Ventura Yeah and so then. I just went just made my year. It was like it's the best comment you'd ever get from the guy. I'm into Adam Sandler Story. I told him this was a story. Oh my God you didn't do you remember that show. He's like yeah of course in nineteen ninety five. You did a show in Tallahassee. Do you remember it? And he was like I wanted to. I want you party and somebody was like. Do you WANNA come party. And I didn't and I regret that. And he was like all right. Yeah cool by a spray on this story that I'm telling the he can't reply to the question is that hey once. I'm your city that I lived in. Yeah and I. I didn't go to see you. He's like okay. Do you remember that. And that was the end of. Oh my God. Yeah Chris Farley mantra that is the Farley sketch show there and then it was awesome. Yup I've.

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