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Do tender. Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo having common. They're all iconic. Businesses founded by regular people so how they do it. Where did they go wrong. Where did they go right. And how can you start your own iconic business. Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner wants is to hit the road and the other wants to stay home like Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana very host of the new IHEART podcast bizarre affi. I'm a former tech. EXEC turned serial entrepreneur turned T._v. and radio host and over the course of my career I've interacted with interviewed and reported on thousands of businesses. I've seen bright. Beginnings fizzled out and rocky starts that turned into shining stars so join me and my producer new Guy Nick as we dive into the decisions that led to greatness and the regular people who were able to Spin Straw into gold bizarre affi. We'll have new episodes each week. Listen end subscribe on Apple podcast the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts.

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