Ehud Olmert, Jerusalem, Montreal discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-03-2017 8AM ET


After sixteen months in prison former israeli prime minister ehud olmert has been released a parole board granted him early release from a twenty seven month sentence for corruption 71yearold was convicted in 2014 and abroad case that accused him of obstruction of justice and accepting bribes to promote a real estate project in jerusalem a vigil was held in on sunday in montreal where a man was fatally shot by police last week dan carpet chunk reports that hundreds attending then marched downtown chanting black lives matter the protesters from the montreal toronto chapters of black lives matter gathered in front of the apartment where fiftyeightyearold pierre korea long was shot officials say he was likely distress last week when he was holding two screwdrivers as police arrived he was hit i buy a taser than by rubber bullets in when that didn't subdue him they drew their service revolvers and repeatedly shot him activists of the vigil safely should not be the first to intervene in a mental health crisis at least one protester call it a pattern of police violence against people who are black or mentally ill protesters want government funding for black specific mental health services and a national black mental health strategy for npr news i'm dan carpenter can toronto as americans prepare to celebrate the nation's two hundred and forty first birthday they're feeling pretty negative about the overall tone and level of civility in washington and they say it's gotten worse since the election of president trump and new npr pbs newshour marrusde poll also finds distrust of many of the nation's institutions.

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