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To LARs Larson show. It's a pleasure to be with you. And I'm always bland to get to your calls, which I will get to shortly at eight six six eight LARs that's eight six six four three nine five to seven seven emails. Go to talk and LARs Larson dot com, you know, giving companies a tax break to come to your town. That's been a tool used by cities and counties and states for a long long time. But is it finally getting to a point where it's doing some real damage to us? I think you heard me talking about this a few weeks ago when we were talking a couple of months ago when we were talking about Amazon and its efforts to launch a second headquarters, they finally launched two of them one in New Jersey and one outside Washington DC in Virginia. And then there's the Foxconn deal in Wisconsin and a deal that it may actually show why some of these things can be a not just foolish, but damaging to individuals citizens as well, Matthew Mitchell is a senior research. Fellow and director of the project for the study of American capitalism at the Mercatus center at the Mercatus center at George George Mason University sorry about that Matthew. It's good to have you back on the program. Thanks so much for having me, you bet. So let's talk about this deal. Because when the president I talked about this that Foxconn, which is a major manufacturer in China was talking about building a massive new factory in Wisconsin. And I'm sure it was very attractive deal. The problem is they made a lot of promises. The local government said great will help you with it. And then they went out and used eminent domain, and what did they do to people? Yeah. So at this point they've already acquired an enormous amount of property via eminent domain. So they've taken one thousand two hundred acres from.

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