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Vice President Harris has arrived in El Paso. Here's another sound bite from her arrival this morning, she was on the tarmac near one of the Jets. It may be a little bit difficult to understand, But, she said, We're here to see the effects of what's going wrong in Central America, where these people cannot take care of the basic needs of their families in those countries. Take care of this simple and basic means of their family by saying where they are. And so we are here today to address and talk about what has brought people to the U. S border and again to continue to address the root causes, which caused people to leave in the often sleep their home country. Hey, you know, it's amazing to me. These politicians they grab onto a phrase, and that is all you hear from them about an issue Is that the two or three words that they've decided to hook onto that issue? This one being root cause Okay, She's talking about it and her. I don't even know what you call it heard. People that are around her all to Democrats that showed up there with her Durban, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Veronica Escobar, who it's in her area. Um they both talked about root causes. My orcas got up there and talked about the root causes, and, um, a little bit. Earlier they were touring the El Paso Border Patrol station. How does it any of that? Address the amount of number of people that are crossing the huge amount of Children that have been crossing by themselves. The huge amount of drugs that are coming across the increase of armed smugglers on the border. Getting these people in that doesn't At the root cause doesn't change any of those, And yet they act like that's not happening in. All you have to do is come up with that root cause and Tara The borders fixed. Yes, it's the same song we heard from Biden when he was vice president, and he went to Central America the same talking points and he took a billion dollars down there under the Obama administration. Here we are again. The numbers are 51283605 90, CBS Austin has an important story today. About a family that seeking justice in a murder case, and they're very alarmed that the district attorney now is offering to change a capital murder charge down to murder in a plea bargain agreement, so this family has talked with CBS Austin, This is really an important story, Melinda. Well, it is And I will applaud the CBS reporter that did this job because they made sure to point out a couple of things that I think is important. And one of those is that twice this week in regards to talking about the shooting that occurred on Sixth Street, the D A. Has Taken to the MIC and said that his office is hard on violent offenders. They don't go easy on violent offenders, and then you look at Dropping the charges of those two young ones and then in this story This. Guy has a long rap sheet, and it includes not only the murder of, um This other kid, this guy's son. It includes the murder of someone else and they are pleading down because or they're going to offer that plea deal. Because of the guys age. He's 26. But he has a rap sheet and that's what this D A s office is saying is we most definitely take age into account when we're looking at going after capital murder charges. That to me? Doesn't say you're tough on violent crime. Well. In fact, CBS Austin points out in the document Now that the Travis County D a uses to guide all of the prosecutors in these kinds of cases they are to take Age into account as you noted defendants under the age of 25. Should get special recognition because their brains are not fully developed at that point, and, uh it makes me so mad to hear that that they say that in one breath and then the next bread, they'll say an eight year old can figure out what sex they are well and it goes on to say that should be considered in terms of what to charge someone and how long they should serve if they're convicted. Here's a sound bite of the Travis County D a earlier this week talking about how he takes crime, especially violent crime. Very, very seriously. We take acts of violence, particularly murder incredibly seriously in the district attorney's office. But here's Clifford Hardisty, his son was murdered in this case in 2018. And now, he says, he's very alarmed to hear that the D A is offering the accused killer. A plea bargain, reducing it from capital murder down to murder. Yeah, they asked him if he was on board with it. Absolutely not. I can forgive him, and I can hope that he does well in prison that he's taking my son away for life. You have to visit with my grandson and you know, he never father anymore. And he went on to say that if this actually this plea agreement is offered, and goes through that he plans on addressing the judge directly. And saying he is not for this, and I heard another sound bite from Travis County District Attorney Garza talking about how they feel for the families and all of the pain and anguish that they have gone through this time waiting and I It doesn't appear that way. It doesn't appear that way. Where In this case, you've got a guy who murdered someone's son and murdered someone else On top of that, that this wasn't the only person he murdered like that's not bad enough. He was willing to kill another person, as well as long as well as aggravated assault arrest he's had Unlicensed possession of a firearm he's had. He's got a long list of things, and he says, Well, he's only 26 now, so we really should consider that he gets a chance at Parole at some point and you look at the two that he just let go in this shooting that took place on sixth Street. Right? It doesn't sound like he's in office two Have justice done for any of the victims. It makes me think that he's cutting loose the 15 and 17 year old because of their age. Yeah, they're absolutely And when I see this criminal record of this guy accused of Murder in this other case. Uh, previous murder, aggravated assault, evading arrest, unlicensed possession of a firearm. Why was this guy even loose to go on and kill more people? That's that's a whole prosecutors like this D A. Garza, who says you're young, You obviously just made a mistake. Your brain isn't functioning right? Because you're still young. We're going to give you another opportunity and eat with each opportunity. He continued to show them that they made the wrong mistake or it could also be Judges handing out light sentences on these previous convictions, the state parole board cutting him loose because he's a young guy, Uh, just to illustrate so many so many problems that exist right now in the system. Here are the numbers 51283605 90. We also have news out of Detroit. Where the interim police chief announced to the public. We are bringing back special operations where we're going to go after and target violent criminals that have outstanding warrants, and we're going to go find him and bring him in, and they did it this week. Yeah, they have done two days of it in the first day. They got a lot of bad people off of the street for their efforts. This is Chief James White in Detroit. This is day two operation Restore.

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