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What is up with always husband's telling their wives about their financial situations these women on all our shows are like so strong and so often business owners like they're doing their own stuff but then in every city it always feels like there's that one who just has like a soft spot for her man in a way that that i mean sheena shea and when shake cleaned out her bank account right like shared finances are always a nexus of trouble on bravo yeah my other note was you said that they're clearly still together and they have a good marriage we see in the super tease though saying the thing i know i'm like maybe is this cracking who mentioned that divorce yes i mean no i mean we saw ashley and michael businesses quote unquote crack under the pressure right but yeah i mean that's obviously like the biggest thing happening this episode i want to quickly go to ashley michael before we get to the end with robin okay and karen in one of my favorite potomac arguments ever actually not living with her husband we this episode she decides to move back in i was torn about that as was i think her friend when she's like packing like i think that friend she knew what was what 'cause it's like her reasons for going back or just like oh well the lease was ending in like didn't make sense it feels like a weird inbetween step well this lease was ending in august that was the critical period to decide if i was going to move into my own apartment envy completely done marriage or whether i was going we were going to get back together reconcile only god i'm so scared of.

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