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Maybe that say. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Tell you what. Bridget hotly go. Today's could be worse. Remember, the Wade toros I had the sort of the tinfoil theory that ran I were sabotaging their rice engines last year. That's right. Brendan hotly stole. Well, it's still put a US bay. Your aunt. Exactly like the toros ecology. So that's one of the chocolate. He'd always his big sought charity. Alex L Vaughn, these these replacement if you haven't heard of him he's a formula to drive finished actually finished third in the championship this year. But he was the only driver who was still competing for the championship with the lost round landowners was out of it. But he got he. So he stole to go heat on the first of the feature as anyway. Oh, yes, didn't school very many points Dhabi. But he'll be racing Petar. Also, also notable because he's also a full Muhtar. Also, red bull junior driver. So he's been red bulls are before so just to clarify driver who's been sacked by the red bull program is replacing a driver who was hired after being sacked by the red bull program to be the teammate who was sacked by a red bull program twice. So what's the point of the red Virgo? If you wanna drive for red bull. Get sacked Vilem. It's the best ones. I think Britain, hotly. He had to be to listen for all the kids. They'd never been any bridges because you'd be surprised at what can be built in. The exactly you. He'll probably rock up again nixed. Yeah. Because they'll have no other drivers. But that means we are essentially at a food complement of drivers to twenty nine hundred because we've got robot cubits along side, George Russell Williams and that Daniel caveat. Yes, you head correctly alongside Alexander elbow on at Tora Rosso weird, you know, rocket in juvenile seat. Sabah Perez and all sitting struggle, India Callo signs and lender Norris. Mclaren Kevin Magnussen Rominger Jones. The only unchain no Mercedes to only two unchanged teams. Eighties which shows how much changes next season because of called Senator KADO is at Reynaud with Nick, HOGAN Berg. Stephanie guiseley? Red bull racing veteran LeClair Ferrari and then. Yeah. We heard it. He fist twenty Dante. We'll champion. I'm I would love to me. Beat federal I just feel uneasy Vittal. Easy. He had the preseason tests the postseason tests rather after Abu Dhabi. He raced for where he tested for Ferrari was the fossils on the second know these things mean nothing interesting, but just to underline as well, how many changes they were..

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