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And republican state rep jason harper tells the albuquerque journal eight is designed to win bipartisan support arbor says his renewed push for this will reduce state and local tax rates that we can't say by how much democratic senator john arthur smith of dimming applauds harper's efforts but he also says there is the issue that the tax rate well it just might not fall much under harper's bill the albuquerque journal reports that the tax bill would also deal with pure omitting the taxing of business to business transactions such as hiring on accounting firm and it's about 507 right now time for a check of the new mexico weather another chilly start to the day with temperatures in the 20s but we will see mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures return highs back into the 50s from kale beer would this news four meteorologist cassandra creamy for ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob right now we have thirty two degrees overcast skies an albuquerque it's twenty seven degrees and fair up and santa fe and checking around the rest of new mexico this morning this hour dimming reporting forty one degrees right now city a silver city actually is reporting forty degrees it's thirty nine degrees in truth or consequences thirty seven and both las cruces and las vegas alamogordo has thirty six degrees this hour thirty to the freezing point inclines corners and rudo so thirty is being reported this hour and both clayton and and clovis carlsbad has twenty nine degrees santa rosa it's 28 there right now and its twenty six degrees in roswell twenty three degrees inward tone farmington is reporting twenty two degrees and gallup you've got twenty degrees drops to about nineteen and grants and cold spot tends to be towels at ten degrees ninety four point five fm.

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