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ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. Attorney Michael Lebanon is free after posting three hundred thousand dollars bond with a federal court in New York City, charged eight figure extortion scheme against Nike. I will be fully exonerated and Justice will be done. Prosecutors say avenue claim to have a client a coach who had damaging information about Nike payments to high school basketball players and their families and he threatened to go public. ABC's Paula ferris with special counsel's investigation over lawmakers from both parties want the Muller report made public Democrats want attorney general William bar to explain himself. Both the house and Senate Judiciary committees have already reached out to bar asking him to testify here. Sometime soon now bar was already scheduled to be here on the hill early next month for hearing on the budget. And if we don't hear from him before then that hearing is almost certain to become a showdown on the mullahs report ABC's Mary Bruce Israeli forces hit targets across the Gaza Strip retaliation for sneak rocket attack from palace. Tinian territory, the Israeli say at least thirty rockets were fired into the country. Nearly all intercepted or crashing and open areas. Say the Israelis Bayer healthcare in Janssen, pharmaceuticals, the company's behind the widely advertised blood thinners Hurrell to- every seven hundred seventy five million dollars settlement in twenty-five five thousand lawsuits asserting patients were not adequately warned about the risks of life threatening complications the company's one in six lawsuits that did go to trial but say they're settling to avoid these significant cost of continued litigation. Powerball lottery fever rising. You've got today and tomorrow to get in it to win it. The next Powerball shaping up to be the fourth largest jackpot in US history. Lottery. Officials expect the grand prize for matching all six numbers to swell to seven hundred and fifty million dollars. The last winning ticket was drawn the day after Christmas ABC's, Michelle Franzen, the drawing set for Wednesday night. You're listening to.

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