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To KCBS via radio dot com Rewind. We go to KCBS traffic along with weather into Kim vessel takes us off to conquered this time around Kim. We have a crash involving an overturned vehicle. Second overturn of the afternoon in the Bay Area, this time backing up the ride on South bound to 42. It happened just before 6 80 Fortunately, It landed on the right hand shoulder so traffic is getting by just now starting to stack up traffic overall in Contra Costa County, though this afternoon has been pretty decent, starting to get a little congested at the Walnut Creek interchange. That's typical and saying with that merge on North bound to 42 on eastbound highway for No accidents on Highway for better news. San Leandro, where we've had a stall big rig really jamming up traffic not only on South bound to 38 where it is, but also South bound. 80 approaching 2 38 So it's hooked up to a tow and should be out of the way shortly in the South Baykal on a couple of new problem south, about 8 80 I can see a backup here. Ah, crash north of 2 37 is blocking the right lane might just be a stall. It's an incident for sure. And the KCBS ways for us reporting an accident between a big rig In another car South bound on one A one at the Montague Expressway. Your next update at 4 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS KCBS traffic sponsored by your Northern California Honda dealers and now on to the man seen ease. Sleep rolled six day forecast. Mohr Cool weather from K P X five's Poul Hagen, an upper level storm system off the coast is reinforcing the marine layer, which is why we see in the fog remaining so stubborn today and it just gets thicker this evening and tonight. The mist and drizzle mainly along the coast..

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