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Have never thought that my chair will be taken upon me that day along with two of the babies you're hearing one of the moms of three teenagers hit and killed last Saturday morning in Indianapolis a father and daughter are both charged with driving drunk causing a three car wreck and plowing into those teenagers police believe the father of Kadima link is the one who hit the kids police chief Randall Taylor I would just ask that the people really consider specially there are whole consumption and their driving habits both the father and the daughter Shanti gonna Willis face several charges including reckless homicide shooting an indie just before five this morning on self Lyndhurst between I. seventy and I. four sixty five on the west side police say that person is alive a man appears to have been both shot and hit by a car that man died just after midnight he was found at the intersection of Tellem's arriving mills road south of the airport police are asking for info over thirty three three thousand Hoosiers have tested positive for coronavirus two thousand sixty eight people in Indiana have died from the virus governor Holcomb gives another update this afternoon and Indiana has a ten million dollar disagreement with the federal government on how to spend coronavirus relief money for schools Eric Berman reports a slice of schools federal funding goes to private schools based on their number of low income students but for the cares acted you cations are Terry Betsy device once it's based on total enrollment that would more than triple what they received when township superintendent Jeff but says how much that is depends on how many private schools are in the district you're talking about four point three million certainly the way from really trying to get the most at risk students the M. as one of two states are two advised of us there following the usual formula Eric Berman ninety three W. I. T. C. mobile news you've got traffic and weather coming up at six oh four when.

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