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Legalization is a winning item at the ballot. Box montana arizona. New jersey south dakota. The approve marijuana citizen initiatives in voters in oregon decriminalized all substances. So what comes next. What is this latest wave of legalization mean for state and local economies and my counts. John gerbers joins us to discuss. Even as president trump refuses to concede the election. He's directed the transition to a biden administration to formally begin while they signals hill accept the resulting office national security. Experts are warning what he may do between now and january so far he's purge number of officials from the federal government now. He appears set to pardon. Michael flynn declared guilty twice to line to the fbi. Avars contact with russians. National security expert. Juliet crime. We'll discuss this and boston. Public radio eighty nine seven. Gbh he's much. Regan you're listening to buy the gravy. Oh as seven. gp good morning. Jim hither to listen to the npr news. Top of the hour. Where you're listening. You're doing something else kind of listening. What are we talking. Book this thing about death. Up in rural counties rural counties in america overwhelmingly went for donald trump. npr's just reporting the deaths in rural counties in america are up twenty percent and a week. And you know why because the people who live in those counties believed what donald trump had to say. And i'll tell you. I say it often. Carl bernstein nailed it. This is homicidal behavior by the outgoing president. United states it is just it is just so painful incredible in any case another note in nineteen seventy one. I think it was. Nixon declared a war on drugs nearly forty years later. It looks like the drugs could be winning. The shifting attitudes about decriminalization and legalization of drugs were made clear in this election cycle. Which most of us missed by the way still always until we spoke to. Rick steves yesterday about it. Because we're so focused on the presidency and congress former states legalized recreational. Marijuana oregon decriminalized the possession of small amounts of hard drugs part from being criminal justice and social justice issue also obviously an economic one. The cannabis industry creates jobs. Prophet and a ton of tax revenue..

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