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The dodgers, improved to forty nine and twenty five on the season which is merely a one. Oh, seven win pace. Their ten games ahead of the Rockies six games ahead of the Braves in a tie with the twins for the major baseball lead. Tonight's game. Three of this serious Richhill will jump on the mound, and hopefully jump up and down on his do a really good job. It really he's had a good year to dodger twenty nine nine at home. I mean they're, they're, they're, they're really glass night. You get a grand slam from PK Hernandez. You get a classic Kershaw performance where he goes seven innings it, really there was the giants were never a threat. They were never in the game. You never felt like they had anything cooking the entire night and they're just absolutely rolling. And you look at you look at this team and look at the weapons that they have you look at how they can put guys all over the field in different positions without and not just an effort to, to fill a gap, not just an effort to try to make sure that okay player Xs down. We have get through a night they, they can. Roll out ten different lineups in their equally as good. And by the way, you've got a left fielder. In Jack Peterson whose gotten hit his nineteenth home run last year. We're not even halfway through the season. This is the best version of the dodgers. We've seen in this run six division titles in a row to nationally penance in a row. And this team is the best of the bunch. I it is. I think in it's not finished yet. This team is good. They know what to do. They don't panic in this. It's like both past seasons, put together that, that Houston World Series. This is like that team. They can they could hit home runs and they could do a lot of different things to generate runs. The pitching is better than it was like it was back. Then then you look at last season, this team will score from all type of different ways and not only just home runs, but they learn how to play small ball now in this particular team that we're talking about now. They put both of those seasons together feel like collectively in there. Doing all those same things chance has been a little shaky at times in the closing moments. But that's about it. Other than that the starting pitching rotation has got to be the best in the major. It's not even close. Right. Close is not close in. It's funny because we are looking at kenley Jansen has performance and we recognize his awesome stuff which happens with age and yet, he's still second National League and say's. It's because he's on a really good team. But it's also because there are moments in which he goes back to a has the stuff. Sure. I mean some of the saves the fake ish, I'm, I'm not going to sugar coat it. But if into the day he in the National League and say in a day, he's probably going to be an all star, and we're looking at him, and we're going. Mass sure about him. That's how good the dodgers are that a potential all-star who second nationally can say, we're looking at going, we set his fight with this. I mean Abbas Verduga we don't even talk about him even a top twenty the National League in war..

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