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One fifty six. They are the definition of superstars. It's Nikki and Brie Bella. The Bell how are you this morning so good? Thank you chose really good. Yeah Wow Dave. He's going to run with that one forever. He's GonNa come on the show for at least the next year going. Yup. I'm David Greco Bell chills. Well THIS VIOLETA. My wife chills. Yes I need some because this old pandemic thing is definitely ruined by game but again again. Congratulations so let me ask you this right off the bat with the book out now. Are you guys nervous about everything? I mean having this book. Is there a little nerves? Is it nervous as nervous excitement? Explain I mean for me. It was definitely hard sleep last night. You Know I. I made a lot of headlines with a few of my stories that I have acted for over twenty years and I was really nervous for to come out. Even we're writing Evanston rating two half years ago. I was still unsure if I wanted to tell these stories of being raped because it had been so long. It's just painted a carried through that had to work on for on time. And you just don't know how people are GonNa perceive it but I knew overall I could help younger women and women who are in high school or in college like for me. It was worth thin. It's were whatever kind of feedback I get so but it's still hard southern. Talk to my mom about it. We're going to talk later today. But we still haven't even discussed it the minute you haven't talked to your mom about what you you just brought up the word rape spoke with your mom about that. So my mom literally was hearing about it for the first time through the book and I dropped her off the hook. Two nights ago at dinner box with two bottles of wine. It was like mom you're gonNA need and she takes me an incredible Texas yesterday. Was like when you're ready. I would love to talk. It's hard because we have to do it through facetime resume because we can't see each other but it steps. She's having a hard time by now. We haven't even talked yet. Nicole carried a lot of like shame and guilt women do when they're these situations that I was one of the first people who she came to really one of the only ones twenty years known about it. But that's my Schwerin right it. Is I think a lot of women do they blame themselves for what subset situation? When it's not abso- breakfast. I tried to tell her like it's not was not review but you know a lot of women already come. I Q believed in less than twenty hours. How many girls and women have already demere agreed out with the impudent? Do the both of you remember your very first day in the wrestling business. So let me ask you this. What would Nikki and Brie right this very second? Say TO NIKKI AND BRIE. Walking in the doors for the very first time chose again. Because what I do. That's what I do out. That's Oh by the way that's what we do guys that you know I would tell myself I on the first day that we stepped into the business. We were just all smiles and bubbly. Ed looked at just thought. We're kind of working to this positive world and we rocked a little bit but I would tell myself flake stand strong like it took me a while to find my confidence encourage in the business. Because you're just with politics in getting heat and everything you just always so scared. I was constantly walk on eggshells so I would tell me someone beginning upset like you walk in confidence. In Courage Bravery Kazaa further. Took me. Why really the? Yak At that for me. It'd be raked. The rules apologize later. I didn't learn it to way later. I WANNA see to my longest divas championship. I always play by the rules. That was one of the producers in the boss happy but it doesn't do anything for your character when he do that and so. I wish I took that when I first walked through the door. Like whatever I'm GonNa do I'm GonNa do it. And if they don't like it it could kick me while you definitely broke the rules in that first batch on smackdown. I mean Jeez. That's what magic.

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