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A 12 41. The New York Times has some new reporting now on President Trump's finances, the paper says. Donald Trump's television career netted him about $197 million and CBS News. White House correspondent Paula Read tells us that he made additional millions from television related products following the success of his reality show, The Apprentice. According to the Times, Mr Trump cashed in on a $500,000 deal to sell a double stuff Oreos and another half million dollar contract from Domino's Pizza. There were also seven figure licensing deals with hotel builders, some in the former Soviet Republics. Meantime, the first debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden unfolds tonight in Cleveland, and it will offer a platform for each toe outline his starkly different visions for the country. The debate will be moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News as the country faces multiple crises, including racial justice protests and a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000. Americans. CBS NEWS Chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett talked to us and took a deeper look at what each candidate has to do tonight. For the president Tonight is all about energy Alfa male moments and essentially exposing Joe Biden from the Trump campaign's perspective is two things over the hill, meaning not vigorous enough, not intellectually up to the challenge being president states and a captive of what the Trump campaign characterizes as the socialist left. That's the big picture set of goals for the president for Joe Biden. There's a kind of Laura among those who've been around Vice President Biden for a long, long time and one of the things they talk about in preparation for this debate. Something he went through in 1990 heads what he thought might be a tough re election for Senate campaign against a woman named Jane Brady, who later became attorney general of Delaware. They thought it was formidable, so they had a couple of debates. There was Libertarian candidate in the debate also be Rosenbaum and what Joe Biden did was he never talked unengaged game bright Brady In that debate, he only talked to the Libertarian candidate, and it drove his Republican rival, James Brady. Crazy because you could never get him to engage. Keep an eye on Vice President Biden tonight. My guess is he's going to look straight into the camera. Talk to Chris Wallace talk to the questions being asked and do very little direct engagement with President Trump. Well, I wonder if that will be the case. If, as expected, the president goes after Joe Biden son Hunter, I wonder if that could be a pivotal moment and that might ruffle Joe Biden's feathers. It's certainly going to be one of the things the president is going to try to do. And my guess is the president will jump straight, hotter bite if he gets any questions about the revelations of the New York Times about his taxes, not paying very much, or zero amount in federal taxes and having all these mountainous losses and what he has spent years and years telling Americans persuasively to their mind that he was this massively successful businessman And Brander and hotel executive. I think he'll spend very little time on those specifics and try to get straight under by clearly the Biden campaign is prepared for that. They know what they're going to deal with. They know what they're going to try to deal with on the fax and they're probably going to use that moment. If they can in the moment is right. You rehearse the things you've got to make a judgment call in the Moment of the debate to do something emotional about his love for his son and has so how some things in politics should be beyond criticism or reproach. And people probably turn something the president say you might not know anything about that..

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