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As the Democratic Convention Begins Today a New Wall Street Journal NBC News Poll Shows, Joe , Biden holding his lead over president trump nationally the poll gives biden fifty percent compared to president trump at forty one percent WSJ's editor errands. . Inner fees are pole. . The Pole does include some caution signs for Mr Biden more voters have negative view of him than a positive one and it's been that way for about a year in addition fifty, , eight percent of voters who say they'll back Mr Biden say that their vote is more in opposition to president trump than it is in favor of Joe Biden. . That's a potential sign of softness in his support. . UNDIS- first night of the convention, we'll , hear from former first lady Michelle Obama Senator Bernie Sanders and governor Andrew Cuomo. . It's a convention like nine other as the pandemic has made typical proceedings impossible for a closer look at what we can expect joined by national political reporter Sabrina Siddiqi Sabrina? ? We're glad you're here both much having me. . Let's talk about the week ahead. . This is an untraditional venue, , a whole new set of challenges. . What is the number one goal? ? The number one task for the DNC this week I think the number one task is to make a clear and coherent case for why voters should house president trump from the white, , house if you are. . Former, , vice president Joe Biden. . And Senator Kamala Harris, , his newly minted running mate as well as a lot of the prominent Democrats who are lined up to speak you are addressing the American public at a time when they have been in the midst of a pandemic for a period of more than five months their entire lives have been sidetracked by the coronavirus, , and this is really an opportunity because the public will be tuning into the election for the first time in a release significant way since we got into the general election. . Portion of the cycle to make the case for why they should put Joe Biden in the White House this is really that opportunity to talk about the impact of the pandemic, , the president's handling of the pandemic and to also present. . What they've been trying to do, , which is this message around unity and restoring stability and normalcy to the Government Sabrina. . Looking back to last week when Vice President Biden and Senator Harris had their first joint appearance together they were wearing face masks, , they socially distance to an extent. . How do you portray or convey chemistry and warmth to voters when there are such restrictions in place that's going to be released striking to watch because typically you see the vice presidential nominee, , take the stage with the presidential nominee, , lift their arms in the air. . The balloons are dropping the families are onstage. . Sometimes the former primary rivals are very to project this idea of unity. . You're not going to have that Democrats have been very clear and Joe Biden cited again when he took the stage with Comma Harris last week that they are listening to the science they are biding by social distance requirements because they want. . To take seriously the consequences of the pandemic, , but it does very much changed the mood and you think about how former President Obama will be speaking his camaraderie with his former vice president. . Joe Biden was very popular with the public because they were very close in that banter that you would often see at live events between the two maybe they'll be taking place over zoom. . There's a lot that we don't know <hes> clearly, , there has been a lot of work that's going into this. . They've had months to prepare for this inevitability, , and so a lot of the focus will now be on just how well they execute. . A large scale event like a party convention in the middle of a global pandemic Sabrina let's talk about messaging. . Is it simply going to be about a referendum on President trump or? ? Harris GonNa talk about her life story. . Where's this balance GONNA take place? ? So it's been clear from the outset of Joe. . Biden's campaign that he sees. . This election is a referendum on president trump would have been fascinating to watch is that he launched his campaign with this idea that? ? The American public wants a return to normal. . Stability, , and they're not seeking a revolution in not seeking a movement and it's clear poll after poll that the American public does see this election as a referendum on president trump, , you've seen the president's approval ratings dip during the pandemic, , and so I think a lot of the messaging from Biden from Senator Kamala Harris the vice presidential nominee is really going to center on what the last four years have looked like under this president and particularly. . Honing in on the coronavirus pandemic and what they say is a failure on the part of the president to steer the country out of this crisis Sabrina looking at the week ahead, , the DNC obviously is going to want to remain focused on its task at had yet. . We know the president based off of past history is likely to tweet or issue a statement or give a speech that will create some kind of turbulence. . How does the DNC keep its focus? ? One of the greatest challenges for? ? Democrats not just since president trump took office but even since he was a candidate for president has been to not. . Get baited into playing his game. . This president is a master of. . Changing the news cycle within a second and overtaking events with a controversial remark or tweet. . And for Democrats, , the goal will be to stay on message. . They have had a very. . Consistent message especially around the president's handling of the coronavirus in the course of the last few months but. . If you're at the Democratic Party for Joe Biden for La- Harris you've got a plan and you go out and you execute that plan regardless of what the president is saying or tweeting on a given day. .

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