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Options. You get one with fifty thousand miles for forty five grand. It's grand. It's still looks good. No what we're talking about. It's thick heavy sturdy size coop. Like a full size coupe birth in hips. Yeah. But what is the Infinity? I'm thinking of. Okay. I don't have any big one. Like, the Lexus INFINITI has a coup in like Infinity, sports coupe or something passed me on the freeway. And it's like that's a good looking Amelia Island a couple years ago, they they Infinity lent us a car to drive around. It was a it was a coupe. It was a little more, right? Three series. We went and we went and saw the four hundred some coal the foreign the Lexus, whatever their with another big big one the Elsie five hundred. We drove I like I like that Carmelite car's fantastic. I had another Lexus pass me when I was Walkin fill last night on the street. I like I like the way Lexus is looking strong. This is the what is the cue sixty. Yeah. Cue sixty. Yeah. Tell me some of the specs on that. Because that looks like a solid mobile car. The thing about Infinity is because they're not BMW. They're not Mercedes Porsche. They're sort of like the chunky chick. That's gotta really put out like she got a really knock your socks off yet sack. And that's when Infinity does I feel like it's not a BMW is not a Porsche. But they gotta they gotta beat it and all the departments and come in a little bit cheaper. Right. Yeah. They do an Acura they kind of have to. Yeah. But I there's nothing wrong with the Infinity. I think it's a pretty good gar. I mean, we have no minute other wrong with it at all. I'm just saying if sixty thousand if you did what is sixty thousand worth a Porsche by you. What is sixty thousand worth of Mercedes or BMW bayou, and what is sixty thousand worth of Infinity by you. And they had like a scale. I think you'd get more. If the thousand dollar worth of Porsche's it used for Shah, right? Thank you. All right. You can look up some of the specs on that car. But that it pass me on the freelance solid look and car, and I think old enough now where I'd probably step out of the Z but step into that car, and that the the Lexus Elsie five hundred which we really like that's the car. Well, so we we talked about it at the San Marino motor classic. Because that has that's the one where that's available with the real expensive paint job, the looks blue. But has no blue pigment. Right, right. I don't know what I'm paying job cost twenty thousand dollars or something. But they're gonna do the rumors LC f which is like a six hundred horsepower version of that big cries, I let me tell you.

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