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Thank you for coming on my show today. Well thank you for you. Know thinking of something else to do Besides the myriad things you already do because you are a card carrying wife mother human as well as your sort of day job. He Amy enough about me. How about you Jamie? So you know the idea for this show really came out of an awareness that I was feeling so deeply that all we want so much to gather just a little over a month ago and this is so crazy to like just realize how recent it was because it seems like a galaxy long ago and far away you and I were having lunch with friends on a beautiful sunny afternoon. La We were together and now those kinds of gatherings feel like they're a little bit for the moment in time capsule so invite us into your home and your life right now. Where where are you right now? Where are you sitting what you see? Who's with you during this period of time? So I'm in my harmless Angeles. I've lived here with my husband. Christopher for a very very long time I've lived in Los Angeles my entire life I've raised both my children in this house. I am sitting in a room. That is my office Which was originally an out door eating patio that had no windows but was covered and I changed it almost immediately when we bought the house into an office for myself very bright I look at trees which then of course brings birdlife and nature to me. I live nearish the ocean I can hear the ocean. I don't see it and that's where I am Christopher's I believe watching the replay of the masters in the other room. I just woke up from a little nap. It was so funny because a friend of mine is named Joe Pool Yeezy. Joe is a fantastic photographer. I have loved his work. Both Christopher and I have collaborated with him on projects and he as a way to deal with this forced isolation decided to start taking portraits of people in isolation and he. He just started contacting friends of his and saying. Can I just literally drive by Your House and put my camera like over the fence and it was beautiful series of photographs with you shocked for Instagram. Did he just did as a creative person as a way to comment and the reason I bring it up is that then. The Hollywood reporter saw some of them on instagram. They asked him if they could publish it in their journal. Two mornings ago. I woke up with a text from a friend of hers saying Cool Cover and I said what and the reason I brought it all up is the it was my husband and I on the cover of the Hollywood reporter in this portrait. The Joe took in twenty three seconds between. I'm here the text when he said I'm here to me opening the front gate. Twenty three seconds later he said goodbye and now this picture was on this magazine but the words they described were alone together. That's why I brought it up because what this has yielded is that my and I are alone together. Our schedules are off and they're just sort of always been off and now they're more off so I get up at five. Am for thirty five am every day and Christopher goes to bed at eleven thirty every day. So I go to bed at seven thirty eight o'clock and you know and so we're having this interesting time where I spend a lot of time on my own in my home even though Christopher is in the same house. That's what's been the reality which is very much our marriage. But it has been highlighted by this Forced `isolation. I mean I think so. Many things are getting underscored or deepened. During this time then there are these deeper Understanding that are going to be explored in our main relationships and it was just an irony to me. If that's the correct use of the word you went to college. You write books if alone together is it really would be a portrait of how we are so I spend a lot of time alone and the one aspect of this that has been the most challenging for me. This has brought me to my knees and I literally say quiets Scottish. It's it's touched me I I. I don't do the phone very well. The phone you and I've been friends for a long time. Have you ever gotten a text longer than two words for me? It's usually you know K I usually use even though my friend L. Yankovic would hate me for it. I use K For an acknowledgement. I speak an emotional Haiku. I hate phone I hate it. I have never ever prior to three weeks ago. Done face time. We'll try to facetime me. I laugh in their face time. I'm like took that away my daughter three weeks ago. I posted a picture where my daughter taught my husband and I how to Work Zuma and how to be in a video conference now. I do recovery meetings every day on them. I'm now like miss. I'm lucky I don't know. Go to Speaker View. No no no yourself. I mean but that's not me. Yeah and it has. It's his demanded that I participate in a way that is unnatural for me and that has been very challenging. I'm just not the person also you know just thinking about you and you're a hugger. I'm a hugger. I can actually like call to mind what it feels. Like to get. One of your hugs. It's an embrace it's warm. It's like pillowy and enveloping. I'm tactile. Yeah Yeah and emotional and tactile. This is required other parts of me. Which I don't feel are strong. I was speaking recently with my friend. Sylvia Burstein who is someone that I hope to have on this podcast? We were talking about what's happening with technology and the way that we are all obscene each other whether it's in classrooms or it's in recovery meetings or other kinds of meetings and she said you know we are creatures who operate with five senses and we only have access to two of them when we're talking to and seeing someone on screen we're only seeing and hearing we can't smell we can't touch we can't taste we only have those two dimensions. I guess one of the things I really wanted to ask you. And it's funny because I had literally written the question down what you find most challenging. You went straight there and I I knew you would. But what do you hope we learn? I mean do you. Do you have any thoughts about what might come out of this? I am concerned that there will be a generation of Germaphobe and that this the orthodoxy the great dacians of color of how people take the possible threat of human contact being the source of illness. One moment occurred. That sort of changed everything for me. And it was the day that Princess Diana died and it was August and I had heard this news and I remember sitting The phone rang and it was my sister who had traveled with me and she said yes thing turned on the TV. And I just remember the moment of of the voiced the face and the voice of a young man who had to read the official news that to the assembled press corps she had passed away I remember sitting on the edge of my bed and then I I turned the TV off. Because I knew what the TV would do. I knew what was about to come and there was a book next to my bed. Now I'm GonNa cop to this on your podcast please. If you run into me in person. Please don't ridicule me harshly for what I'm about to say. But I was so uninformed that I used to leave books next to my bed so that if by chance you came over to my house you might go. Wow look what. She's reading next to her bed. I think there was Warren Peace and something else I mean it was heady intellectual work And at the top of the pile was a book about insight meditation. My Joseph Goldstein and Jack Cornfield..

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