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Yeah it's going to be very competitive jason ross did a good job in sprain came out really even between those two and we got an another quarterback richmond his garbage sugar just got on campus for control of all worked at the villa i'm good inner compete to uh you know burqa gorrell you always want to return quarterback and that's just not our situation right now but were were you know i think it'll be fun to watch the thing work itself out and those guys are ready to compete at both at great summers again case garbage in the mic now so uh when it when it through so it does them and we're not radical i'm line on it and k we just we wanna get out there on a little to work and local guy compete september second you got to have a quarterback by that day so that's a quarterback i'm gonna ask you one or two about north carolina before we do that last time i came to see in the offices dead there on campus i saw davis web walking around getting ready for the combine in an all that jazz has he been around this summer maybe offering tutor tutorials her leadership to some of the guys on the on the yeah he's pretty busy right now get ready for is ricky so uh i haven't seen around much again i think you you're a great time here and billiard to get them and normal little bit of new will are able justice couple more for here and i appreciate you break in africa uh some time force i wanna i wanna hear cal football and and you start see now the fields fill steel magazines coming out and projections the pac 12 have their own projections there were released today and i hear hear the term rebuild thrown around all willy nilly when i look at a hardnosed coach like justin wilcox why are you cool with the term rebuild is that fair rda throw that in the garbage and get to work yeah we don't really use a term we're here to win in everybody to go uh how we go out there you know wanted to buy product of all the all the other thing.

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