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And at that point be cheaper and making more money on social security again yes right so it's not a bad thing yeah so so i think this is a matter of getting giving some education working you know find someone that can help you really understand what's going on and and and work at thro well and that speaks to what i know there was an agent that seoul that group disability policy right and you could contact the agency okay what's going on help me out here yup right and i think that um i think averages receiving a commission right six four or five sixty one sixty one eight our telephone number and i think that's banks speaks to what i wanted to allude to when you getting into purchasing a home it's more about the attitude verses the information more people of you know i think that our gentleman there was a little frustrates it will that's not fair well you know a it may not be fair but if you did you research you would have understood how many people look at their policies when they purchase of the policies you know through the group planning review the group plan okay i got group disability i'm all sat you know that kind of thing and no i guess the other question i have for you is if he receives social security disabilities at taxable depend on on on on i don't know the answer that i'm not i'm not a hundred censure i know that regular source scooters tax pool of your income was overwriting them out and right into my mind up being being the same sort of thing but if it's not let's say this guy's getting disability now becomes even more income as you said because of the fact is not a taxable anena be tax again if somebody listening out there knows the answer to that question i do a you know i'd have to look it up you know i was thinking as i was coming over here this morning again i'm no longer in the mortgage bizet's and you know i i.

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