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Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer and 9 90 the answer dot com Hi I am Julie Whitman Klein the producer of the Trinity health freedom expo This expo is more than a convention It's a community of family a resource for knowledge in a safe place to express an expand your beliefs in the company of like minded people Now more than ever we need to support and defend our health freedoms The expo is here to provide you with the knowledge and support to do just that at the expo you'll discover new wellness products and hear from health freedom and natural health advocates like doctor sherry tenpenny Jonathan E mord doctor Bryan hooker Nona Kai and doctor Caroline leaf it is my great pleasure to invite you and your families to join us along with more than 45 speakers and 75 exhibitors on October 2nd and third in Tinley Park Illinois as we gather for our 28th Trinity health freedom expo so that together we can continue to empower ourselves and our communities visit Trinity health freedom expo dot com to register today An authoritarian is described as of relating to her favoring blind submission to authority Sound familiar The authoritarians is the new book by constitutional law attorney Jonathan E ward In the authoritarians you'll find well researched history and events leading up to the current great reset efforts to undermine the very fabric of our faith liberty and republic Sheryl chumley from the Washington times caused the authoritarians an eye opening look at the many issues Americans must confront in order to stay free Black Lives Matter antifa These groups are well funded and they have one purpose to destroy the United States from within There's a presence in the bureaucracy of those who favor government control over individual liberty Read learn and fight Pick up the authoritarians by Jonathan E mort on Amazon or wherever books are sold or visit im dot com slash the authoritarians That's EM ORD dot com slash the.

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