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Did that fifty one yard pass the CV Landry's personal file number eighty one offense fifteen yard penalty for Stella that is odd balls the decided what hurts is Mister his last seven including a deception it's all going wrong right now for this we knew that this game was going to be cool fool fool lotus LSU offenses we didn't anticipate those Oklahoma struggles on the opposite side it may have been tough to stop or give credit to Allison differently there been ready and prepared by day remember everything Oklahoma for twenty three L. as he pushed back to room forty three yard line world rules and for free Justin Jeff bridges he's able to make the grant got his fingers underneath it's a game six has been a long time since I've seen a quarterback in college football as comfortable as Joe pool is right now he knows exactly what defenses are trying to do to a pre snap he knows of my going to have time to hold it in a way to get rid of the way he's just ahead of the game ahead of the defense on every second thirteen from the forty seven and it's amazing he's doing that abandoning the warning is eight of ten there catch all the gable ready for Justin Jefferson that goes with his three touchdown dead and he's good he's taking what the defense gives them to marchers just for the political office doesn't have one catches the reason why is okay almost double teaming him Joe pros not forcing the ball he just whining single on Georgia officer third down three at the thirty seven available one of the guards take a look what's the what the spot where taken out of the forty five yard.

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