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You know, there's tons and tons of hits on that one courage, locked trunk of a car hundred Meridian. Yeah. Weep kings weeks. Yeah. So I mean thing too about the hip and that's what they're called is the hip, if you're in cat. If you're trying to. Gene, are you don't need to say the driver? You just mentioned. Okay. Let's go through some of the songs and blow at high dough New Orleans thinking, we kings hundred Meridian. Fifties mission cap locked trunk of a car. What's a little bones little bones in him, but all of these titles, you know, the God a little bit of a Canadian slant to do and the lyrics, they didn't start overly Canadian, not that the band has ever been just about canyon content or anything like that. But they were rare and that they were not afraid to thing about Canadian topics or Mench, Canadian places or mythology. We're talking about hockey openly, you know. And not a novelty, so, you know, you listen to iron maiden, and you would learn about Alexander the great and the rhyme. They should mariner. Yeah. Listened to tragically hip, and you learn that Bill Barocco. Yeah. Scored the, the last the last goal ever scored one the leaves the cop got lost in a plane crash in the woods or something. Bill beryllium until they found the body, and that's crazy. And that's not like the approach the lyrics when that's on to. He's reading just the back of a hockey guard. That's built. I got this. I got these lyrics absolutely gotten this from a hockey fan. It's no joke. It's word for toward Fulco. It's exactly the car. Makes that worse story ever. Did he just couldn't think of lyric and picked up the coffee card or way? Yeah. I thought so he's yeah. He saw the hockey card, and it's there, there was recently a book that came up by Michael, Michael Barclay, and he talks about it a lot in this book and Gord basically, went to the Toronto reference library, because this is like nineteen ninety three or nineteen Ninety-two, and there wasn't the internet. So he couldn't do research, and he wanted to find out more about this Bill Barocco guy. And so he went to the reference library and you had to go into the basement of the Toronto reference library. And he's talking about him going through all this microfiche and stuff like that, you know, to find the find out about a character in the song that he hasn't even written yet, you know, this is the kind of tactic that he would use to, to write a song, and he talks about being alarmed, you know, like he he was so into what he was doing that when somebody came downstairs, you know, sort of tapped him on the shoulder that he was actually alarmed startled. Because he was so into what he was reading. But I mean it's eerie basically this, this kid shouldn't have been on this plane. He went on this plane against his mother's best wishes. And you know he's never seen a game. Right. And, and he scored a goal in overtime or something on the leaves the Cup absolutely just line. The least we're talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs here. And this is what we're gonna delve into the course of this podcast because what I want to really talk about is why did hit never really make it outside of Canada. And that's not just like the states. We're talking England Australia most bands. I remember even like the, the watchman were big in Canada and had a big falling Australia. Sure. Wow. The hip never had that. No. Now, and I remember I was working at Red River community college in Winnipeg as to tell us to do as a part time gig as a security at the at the functions that they would have at the college, and I remember the Booker she was a really cool chicken. She was super excited. And she was always really involved in booking. Whoever it was number one that she booked with the guy is a magician is Jonathan the magician or some guy like that. That's magician..

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