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This. BALLPARK number. Temperature hydration sleep. Everything can like. Tweak your heart rate a little bit. So you don't WanNa. Just. Have this hard that I have to be at one forty nine or else. But just going out. Hop on a treadmill start super-duper easy? Speed it up like a half mile an hour every two to three minutes. Do the talk test. Each time can carry on a conversation. Say the pledge of allegiance and just kind of find that point where. Who It's Kinda hard. Whom really struggling? I can't actually carry on the conversation. Where's your heart that? and. That's the number that you wanna be below most of the time eighty two, maybe one hundred percent of the time, okay? Okay so this is like the speed of the treadmill or like the Geezer Away De. Like give you. Can you walk destined instead a run it like? Can I put it? Put it at an incline and just walk up a hill until I get to those points other ways to kind of. Mix that up. Yes, yeah, so it could be. You can do it on a bike. You can do it running. Whatever training method you're GONNA do. oftentimes, if you're already in pretty good shape, it can be hard to get there just hiking necessarily. Be You could like set the treadmill if it goes up to fifteen or more, if you one of the super incline trainers that goes to forty percent I. Yeah, you could definitely get there, so that's great you just want to. Increase it slowly and then give yourself enough time that your body kind of adjusts to that workload. If, you just wait thirty seconds. Your body's not GonNa know what happens and actually takes your. There's some heart rate lag, so it takes your heart rate awhile to catch up and kind of figure it out. That like if you just go sprint up a hill. I can get away with it for thirty seconds, and then your body's like Oh, by Gosh..

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