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There was a story a couple of weeks ago about a Militia group attacking the church in rural ethiopia trying to capture the the ark. And i've always laughed at that. Because if you know the world war two mystery and you know how obsessed hitler was with finding the ark of the covenant and we all saw raiders of the lost ark. And that's basically the nazis trying to find the covenant mussalini controlled ethiopia during world war. Two if the ark of the covenant was in ethiopian world war. two we'll salinas forces would have found it and giving it to hiller. That was no doubt about that. So i don't believe that. The arc is in ethiopia being guarded by a handful of priests. That just doesn't make any sense to me If it's not there you know where is it. There's evidence that the portuguese in medieval times went down to the opium may have taken it in but that get. Where did it go after that. So so part of what makes writing fiction so much. Fun is because there's all these treasures that have never been found and everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Everyone the curse of oak island on on history channel. Everyone watches that because everyone wants to find the treasure. And so one of the fun things i do in my books is we've is in the golden minora is it in place. The ark of the covenant in play. You know we're gonna find those things. The holy grail whatever. It might be Because i think that's you need if you're going to have characters motivated to. Do you know really extraordinary things Do you need to have extreme high stakes into high stakes. People aren't gonna do extraordinarily things over twenty bucks but if you got the ark of the covenant. Now you're gonna do some crazy things. Well that's certainly the line that you're going down Let me just kind of bounce a couple of things off you. That i've been working on and kind of are investigating at very early stages and i don't have nearly the depth of knowledge that you do some just kind of stumbling through this. But i'm kind of intrigued by what you said because i think sometimes we misunderstand the roman agenda as it's being disclosed to us like a just cpas i think is a super interesting character obviously in that verse uprising. Right just there and supposedly. He's this jewish general who fights bravely against the vespasian who comes in and he stands up off at a siege and then it goes into commit suicide the story always gets really flaky at this point and invariably historians leave the most important part of the story out and that's it just goes into the cave they all commit suicide and then joseph says hey is what. I just had a revelation which should come out. And then he says vis beijing you're going to be the emperor and then the spacey and takes him under his wing and says you're a good kid. Come along and write this history down for us because we don't know how to write it. You're the only guy who can write it. Mean whole thing is just preposterous. God tells a really good about this if you get a chance. It's called the secret side of moses by barbero but yeah exactly what you were saying. They were a convenient. Is it to or josephus. They they draw lots and he everyone's gonna kill themselves in water of their latin. He's the last guy standing and he's the last one and he's up it's killing myself..

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