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Hi everybody welcome to the rupaul drag race season ten rue cap your reality tv we're happy my name is mike limb talking about one hell of an episode we got the reading challenge we've got snatched aim we've got a heck of amount of drama in on top got some speculation off the show in there as well to be the nice cherry on top of this sunday and i'm so excited to break this down with these lovely to individuals i lives her life motto with any hole as the goal liana boris liana how are you oh sorry i forgot the words low oh and of course that's making there is our favorite mermaid brent welcome opera and how are you yes half man half gay and full fabulousness is here to to to bring the tea and i'm here for today i'm bringing it today so just get ready for me to blow your house down come on math lessons come on architecture lessons come on gary frontier would probably be a better person to impress on this game then beyond say just say god this is this was a really interesting episode before we actually get into it you know i feel like we have compared snatch games on the time that we've been covering this show i think we sort of made a statement or in the all stars three one of you don't want maybe we shouldn't put so much stock into snatch game considering that i would say that allstars three and season nine did not have the best ones i would say i mean to go along with season ten in general i thought this was a pretty big tick up from the past to snatch games in general i thought there was some really fun impressions going on i feel like when people bomb they bombed har which also makes for entertainment.

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