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We are very, , very excited about today because we have a special guest joining US Ashley. . Graham is here she is the ultimate multi hyphen it. . She's as supermodel entrepreneur designer author advocate and she's a new mom. . She's known as a trailblazer in the fashion industry and has emerged as voice for inclusivity and empowerment. . Ashley I'm excited to have you with us. . You are always on that still fun and interesting to talk to welcome to skin from the couch fake you. . Daniel, , it's always good to see you. . I wish that I could see in person so it could like rub some like baby Juju over your belly league. . First of all, , how's the baby? ? How is how is life in Nebraska? ? MOM's basement. . We have been here since like March thirteenth like the it was like right when it started and we were hearing rumors of the New York, , city, , shutting down and my mom who is who helps me out with? ? Isaac. . Lives in New York with us. . So she said, , let's just drive back to New York City and I was like, , but that's like a really long drive. . She's I can do it's twenty hours. . We'll just do it nonstop and sure enough she drove. . Seventeen of the twenty my husband took last few hours because he just needed to and we made it and we've been traveling and we've been very cautious about where we were traveling loads of road trips because we have that travel bug still and I think it's been so nice to be able to see the country from a new perspective. . That's pretty cool. . So how has it been doing road trips with how does is now? ? So Isaac is seven and a half months and we. . Seriously Daniel? ? One of the one of the best things to go through go through pregnant the go through the Labor and everything. . But then when they're like four or five months, , maybe five months I don't know how old lake the lake good time to do it but sleep training because yeah. . Then all of a sudden you're like, , wait a second I I, , slept through the night and the baby's okay and he's he's still likes me. . So, , let's start off with basic question although for you this is. . Not a basic question Skim your resume for us. . Oh. . Wow. The . resume first of all I, , read the skim this morning I was I just I love waking up to the scammy Chris Bring me so much joy and you'll see here I tell you this every time we just making me feel smarter. . So just think all thank you. . Okay. Highlights . move to New York at seventeen had to figure out the modeling industry. . Then was a TV commercial for Lane Bryant that was banned my name was on the map then a few years later I started a lingerie line with a Canadian company that catapulted into a few one major cover because I was not a at a total girl I'm not giving you highlights. . Sorry. . Then that catapulted into sports illustrated cover, , which set me into than starting my own swimsuit line, , which then turned snowballing into. . So many amazing things like a book a Barbie that was made in my likeness I, , didn't know you had Barbie. . That is so cool. . She's been mic she. . It's like it's amazing how she really looks like me too. . It's bizarre. . I was just on the cover of vogue and January pregnant those my second American vote cover. . Oh. . My God I don't even know I I did a Ted Talk I've got a podcast I've got I've got some shows we're going to get into it. . You've done a lot. . What is something that people can't Google about you? ? who what my farts smell like when you're pregnant. . This is why I love anytime we're together I have to tell you. . So for those of you listening Ashley was our moderator for the first night of our bookstore tour and curly <unk> like just fucking terrified and Ashley. . We got to hang out with in the green room before when I was pregnant when you're pregnant and you are just so chill and relaxed and it was like the Basque Calming Energy and fun and we so. . Appreciate that this is the best part being with you. . So I feel like that's something that people can't Google. . I. . Mean. . It's hard because I am such an open book but now being a mom like I have realized that there are some things that I just WanNa keep Permian Justin <hes> and you'll feel that to like there's there's intimacy that doesn't need to be shared with the world and you know you can talk about it but We decided to not for right now, , share is a photo on social media and it's been something that that we've kind of gone back and forth with but I'm really glad because he's ours maybe one day the world will really get to know him.

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