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That's fair for everyone at att dot com slash best deals restrictions apply. Oh yeah funky. Flashback friday on the couple rob parker and fred. Roggin it for chris bussard telephone number eight seven seven. Nine thousand nine on fox will come to you live from the fox sports radio studios and we're talking rivalries. Espn ed is column about the dodgers and padres being the hottest new rivalry in baseball. I tend to agree with that. Fred says no way no. How is it a rivalry. He's not buying it. We want to hear from you. Is it the games best rivalry right now in baseball dodgers and padres a plan on a four game series. This weekend padres. One game one last night game tonight at dodgers stadium and last weekend in san diego to dodgers took to auditory three. All right rob. We're going to get to the phones. I do want to say Racer tweets us and racer listens to our local show in los angeles rugby rodney. And he says fred. Your voice sounds different on the odd couple. Did you catch a cold or the just technology difference. I was on the radio in los angeles three hours ago. How could my voice out. Ross right south. Find your sound the same to me i i know i know in ralphie boy. Listen to you here on the app on the iheartradio app and you can listen to fox sports radio across the country anytime you want. Just take box sports radio with you. Only the dean of l. a. Can point something funny about rob parker when it comes to getting discount on selling. His stuff on twitter robs laughed background. Says it all to radio legends on the odd couple wabi boy thanks for listening no doubt about it and if you want to jump in with me fred. Hit us up. Eight seven ninety nine on fox. Let's go to wisconsin marty. You're on fox. Sports radio the odd couple. What do you got how you doing. Fellows don't gain good. Hey mr parker. I just need to advise you you you need to understand what. The term rivalry means rivalry. Comes with history. The i know. The dodgers and padres have some history. But what you're talking about is competition. San diego is now very competitive team. They haven't developed the rivalry yet. It's you'll look at wisconsin. Sports and i know. I know you're talking about baseball. But in wisconsin we have the bears and the packers. It's one hundred years of history. We hate the vikings. We hate the vikings. We are the bears. But there are. There are rival. No i get that. But then using that about an and brought up the point about michigan and ohio state i mean mission absolutely have not had. It hasn't been competitive for decade now. Doesn't need to be competitive. We've been trump. we've been beaten. The bears like a drum for the past twenty five years. It's still it's still definitely arrival. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. If if you're getting beat for fifty years you have fifty years of history. It's the history the rivalry history part of it. But i think they're real rival. Though is is the padres not to giants what is what is the padres. What does the padres dodgers history wrong. Rob west history. No but their history is come. It's starting it's a budding rivalry. Starting it's starting to best. I saw their rivals now. The giants down jolla giants and the dodgers brought that rivalry from new york. The padres and the dodgers will come rivalry. But they're too young to be called that georgia mardi. Marta padres all valid point. By the way it's good to see mardi agrees with me. Okay let's go to phoenix kenny. Hello you're on fox. Sports radio the odd couple. How you doing kenny pretty good. How about you guys. don't go of phoenix. un kenny. Where yet so. I work in north scottsdale but i live over here. Northfield over by with the padres play. Okay okay. Because i was born in detroit. But i grew up in phoenix. I went to high school there. Away coleman allen. I went to i played baseball. Show okay i went to west. They shut it down. After i left made it a vocational school and they fumigated to place a bet. What do you got for us so fellas so we can sit and we can talk history. And i'm from san diego right. So i'll get dodgers credit for the eight years. Yes you know. The giants had to help years before that pods with boats. You know we had a couple of years before that we can go through history all we want. But but but there's there's also blood and bad blood and when when you grow up in san diego when you grow up in la there's just bad blood you know. We could talk about when the dodgers jump in the pool at the diamondback stadium. There's some blood there. There's some history there so times you go through areas where there's more bad blood in right now. When the dodgers come down to san diego and when the time is up there when i'm talking about the players in the field i'm talking about the fans in the stand in that rivalry those fans in those stance has been there forever and ju just because we've been a little brother for a minute. Don't don't think our fans haven't been showing up in this right. Who is in the stands just as much as it is on the field. That's a great call i. I can't argue with that frank. Can you argue with that. There is a fee. There's a fan rivalry between the two cities now. Well the fan rivalry. Is this and kenny. Sent you a grim san diego. You're spent time there. You know this. The people in san diego don't like the people in los angeles. They're jealous but the people loss against the people in san diego. The weather's nice san diego beautiful. It's beautiful and as we say it's nice to spend a weekend there. I'll wow look at you fred. Eight hundred ninety nine. It is a great city. Thanks can't let's do sean. And sacramento real quick sean. You're on fox. Sports radio the odd couple. Would you got markle's from another mother. Always great to have freddie fingers on the afternoon so man welcome back brother appreciate that no doubt my take real quick as much as i respect you man you sound like the classic get off my long i man. There's room for life we hold.

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