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The welcome to this week's episode of Blue Skies Strategy Groups that Canadian. podcast what you need to know about this week in Canadian in politics I'm Alison Fair and joining me this week. My colleagues Tim. Barbara Cameron Hallstrom and Neil Brodie Low happy Friday so there were a lot of things that happened this week in Canadian politics but I think the big story story That took us all really by. Surprise was the resignation of Conservative leader. Andrew Scheer I want to get your thoughts. Neil I On his sudden resignation was the timing right. Well first off. I think everyone needs to thank Mr Sheer four running for as an MP running as Speaker running is leader of the Party and running for prime minister that takes mental amount of personal commitment And commitment to the country to do that and so that That part of of his public life should be should be acknowledged. I'd I'd say it was a surprise. I don't think anybody saw coming Usually leaders decide Very quickly after a after a failed election attempt went to resign right away. You know Mr Mr Martin did that. Not shortly after his defeats Mr Harper to that actually after his defeat I can't actually remember about Stefan. Giant Michael Acknowledge it but I think they were quickly after their defeats ten. So It's a surprise that he may have tried it. Wh what are we coming up on two months now. I figured since he got through the first month month and a half after the election he might go through to the New Year and trying Ryan put forward a new plan for The Conservative Party but Some accounts say he's been thinking about this for a little while. Some accounts say that was decision yesterday. The full story will come out to in in due. Course strategist though good move. Good timing or should he have waited till April or early. You'RE GONNA go go as soon as you think you're gonNA leave a position. Don't don't mess around just get drawing it unnecessarily is is never good for anyone. I was a bit surprised that He announced that he was stepping down as leader but staying on his interim leader. I'm not sure if that survived arrived evening I know there are some s caucus meetings last night That was an odd odd occurrence. Usually when you still tells us step down as leader and allow someone else take over. The reins unanimously accepted him. To stay on you know. That's what I heard which we can new podcast. Some S. T. stories. I hadn't experienced with that one. Yes you do tim from the Liberals Perspective how does this play out for them. Well I don't think anyone's restaurant election and I think that I think liberals are sending back in and watching very carefully with the national executive of the Conservative Party candidates going to do in terms of Jamaica April the leadership race or not. That's kind of an abbreviated version of it. Yeah I mean I ah my observation is is that you know sheer ran a reasonably good campaign right but there's a whole bunch of issues that he was just unable to answer so oh did he deserve to to stay on. That's an open question. I it's kind of a moot point at this point but you've basically lost two months of a leadership race that could have been so that's kind of my view. Is that you know he was dead. Man Walking like within a within two weeks of the election maybe even five days after the election real election night perspective and there was a ton of people that I spoke to conservatives at namely conservatives that of Ontario that never liked him to begin in with whether they're with Max burn or not. That's the whole other issue. But they weren't that enthusiastic but his leadership. I think the election campaign showed there was a lot of questions he just didn't answer for and then I mean the US citizenship business business around was he credited Insurance broker whatnot. It just was a little half ass and then the latest one which we've now found out and just shows how many leaks are is that potentially some of the money raised Within the conservative fund was used I private school for a for his kids So No I. It's it's bad. It should have. I think he should have left a while ago. as liberal I started the HASHTAG liberals for sheer. I did think he deserves a second. Chance was dead. Men Walking ship is held the camera thoughts on his resignation. And what it means for the MVP in all of this well. I think in the long term. The biggest minority parliament is. Is that this discussion. A lot of Very easy life because at this point and we used to be seen this in the past when Mr Mr Dion on stepped aside. and Mr Step aside. You didn't see there's no fight coming from one party. So it makes the the actual governing agenda much easier. I'm of the mind that Leadership Shapiro partisan come to the summer at the earliest just logistics of actually getting a leadership up and running and getting the voting. Everything's it's it's it's a big task to do for any organization organization to try to pull it off over basically more than three months. I know the Ontario Tories did it an extremely difficult circumstances last time but I think this different different kettle of fish. And I think there'd be a lot of pushback from certain members of the grassroots if it went too fast but that being said I'm really taken aback not so much that had happened but how it happened I agree. I agree with the sentiment that if you're going to step aside you you do it on your own terms and you do it under your own control and Dan. I'm sorry I know what Mr Shears Sate what he said yesterday but when all the other stories came out it became pretty clear to me. This was not on his own terms because if it were on his own terms the the the school story doesn't come out to be. That's the kind of story. It's not just Mr Sheer. That's damaging to people within the party. That's GONNA raise a lot of questions with members about how they're don't donations are being spent. That's the kind of story that will have ripple effects going forward and to me. That's more of a nuclear option to pulled out. That kind of tells me that there might have been a sentiment within some who really wanted to see Mr Shiro. Becky wasn't going to go because we even saw some someone's language or wasn't doubling down in the approach for a while and it made you kind of wonder if some people felt okay. He's not going to walk away. Gracefully from this he needs is be pushed in pushed now and having lived through the Tom mulcair experience within the MVP and how that played out. I think there's A. There's there's privacy concerns. It's good that it's over with now. I don't know if what how what was happened is going to help matters but it's happened. It's there and now you move into onto the next phase of leadership race and the hope that comes from that. So maybe this was a case of these reviews of some ripping off the band aid aid even if it took a couple of layers of skin along with it but it seems to me that the one thing I wanNA doubt Mr Sheer in his veracity and what he's saying but it doesn't look like this was just him deciding to go and walk away because I as one colleague put it to the other day or yesterday people who walk away to spend time with their family. Don't tell people that they're going to spend time with their family. They just go do it. Neil your thoughts on that extra story of the funds funds for his children's private school as a conservative is that does that irk. You listen you can make any arrangements for employment employment that That you can or want The disruptive part is you had the executive director of the the party come out at some point in the afternoon yesterday saying that yes. This is all above board and approved and then later in the day you had contracting stories from the conservative fund The the board of the conservative fund that that manages them essentially the money. The party every every party has one of those Coming out with a different Statement thanks They didn't know anything about these expenditures. it's still very early in the process of the first twenty four hours of of what's going to be a story How it plays out We'll we'll tell a lot of boat. How quickly we go into a leadership contest if there are significant changes at the party level because of this A leadership contest may be delayed while they sort out. The internal administration of the Party of if funds were dispersed. And you're saying though then this could be a big story in the fact of how that was managed and then that could delay the leadership. Could it depends how quickly the the the expenditure of funds on if there were funds. It expanded on public school private school. Pardon me And if they were expended inappropriately or without the proper authorization than yeah this is GonNa be A ripple through the party apparatus the the the administration of the Party the political party but the administration of of the Party Apparatus which is the part that that helps manage the leadership process? Okay so tim what what do you think now goes forward in terms of the liberals they can they sit. Just sit back now and take it all win and just see how the cards play out in my mind so think to combat minds one is talked to Neil but this yesterday for the Conservatives Sir looks at the border you do not want a twenty percent. We talked stage. I don't know how you would go down the field. Maybe it's it's a positive half a million dollars or whatever. It cannot be sixteen people on stage the leadership to replace harper with seventeen people now for off walked off in the thirteen on the ballot and it was a mistake. So here's my concern. Just if I may on an liberals and I'm beginning to see it is that they're beginning to believe they have majority and that is actually very dangerous. Because I think there's been a number of cases of really sloppy behavior I thought we had dropped the virtuous virtue signaling. It doesn't appear that we have. I still think that. HR is the biggest at the Christmas party the other day. The thing that I hear is staffs are not in place. It's just a mess and continues to be a man. I'm hearing that you know to handling staff to is not very bad mary. But here's my thing. Is that you still bill. Have Minority Government caucus matters more than ever. And you can't just say it. You have to actually do something about it. And that's my concern is that you look at the chaos. If you look at it with all due respect to Jagmeet Singh you know he did not win. It's a small group. He's in nourished I hold an election. There's this kind of chaos across across the aisle. That doesn't matter. You could still lose a vote. You still have to be really cautious of what you're doing in the house and in committees. I mean so so. I'm willing not to get cocky. Oh my God no no that. That's my biggest concern and Trudeau does that. I mean he's amazing. They follow that. Follow that Cam. I just terrific. Tim said I think this is the thing I think if I if I were the government. This opportunity put the pedal down a bit in advance some policy but but remembering that the government may not fall but there are lots of places a minority government to lose votes to have bad consequences and committees namely being one of them. They to me that that's a big danger. I think that if they fall asleep at the switch there that you really run into some issues. It's interesting interesting. You know talking we the season going to gatherings you know catching up with old friends and colleagues. I did the same myself this week. mcadoo fee France and one of the comments. What's I heard coming back? A lot from. People was the difference in tone of the field from at this post campaign between nineteen versus twenty fifteen. And how how some members of the caucus made a very deliberate attempt to try to set a better tone because as one as one per one former call you buy and put it to me. Two Thousand Fifteen felt like a funeral star starting to never stop finishing no never stop feeling that way and felt like a lost period of time whereas is this group is realized..

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