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Our country. Twenty two million people Americans don't didn't have it before. Now have at twenty two million. We have to stop this ministrations effort to gut it first, and then we have to move on and finish the job healthcare. Right. Affordable healthcare was a huge step forward. The ACA today go so that fighting again saying it was a huge step forward. And he's putting that pressure on his rivals talk about that a little bit more Medicare public option and tax code not as favorable to the rich and fifteen dollar federal minimum wage in some of the polling, and this is so early on, and it's twenty people running on the democratic side. But he pops on the polls. I mean in other words, he's leading in a lot of the polls. So these are Biden's first remarks as his campaign rolls on and some of this is very similar to previous speeches where he attacks the president calls on greater work dignity and says how can a person have dig news out healthcare. How do you have dignity when you can't afford college? That is going to be what he runs on giving. Americans the option to buy Medicare a federal program that provides health insurance to people sixty five or older. And of course, unions they're backing him. He holds that speech in Pittsburgh, he's targeting voters in the mid west in the industry allies area. Some of you are listening to me there. And he's hoping that a lot of the undecideds will go his way, and of course, leaning heavily on those who have lost jobs, etc. And you know, you wonder about ageism an age being a factor in something we used to talk about, but you look at the president's agent look at Biden's age and Biden is seventy six so it doesn't seem like any of these voters that are these rallies. Anyway. Especially these millennials seem to be concerned about him being seventy six or about his voting record in the past. Because of course, that's gonna come under scrutiny or about Anita hill and him being the chairman of the Clarence Thomas hearings when he was being approved ultimately as the next super nominated the nomination, and then being approved as the next supreme court nominee to wear the robe and this was decades ago. So he's out there. And I think he's going to be out there. Heavy and hard hitting up. Firefighters unions. He's going to go to a lot of those VA halls that kind of thing it's going to be interesting to see where this ends up three months from now six months from now we're going to have to start to have a measuring sticks. And of course, we'll weigh in on this polls on Nepal Princess to let you know, what's happening with the press. What's happening with the who's who of the Democrats, but he go again time waits for no, man. And this is April the end of April and twenty nineteen and twenty twenty is the election, and this is in the old days where he ran a couple of months beforehand now when you want to run for president you've got to raise massive money, and you gotta get out there quickly. Even if there are a lot of candidates. Hey, a big shout out for this for what I call the daily salute. The daily salute goes to an army veteran and an off-duty border patrol agent who chased the San Diego synagogue shooter out. Jonathan morale is and Oscar Stewart heard the gunshots. They ran toward him. They didn't run away. They ran toward him an off-duty border patrol agent. And an Iraq war veteran help stop the suspected gunman who flat out opened fire at I mentioned at the top at the synagogue and Powell in. In San Diego on Saturday. And that is incredibly courageous Stewart was in the back of the room when the shots rang out. And he said his military training kicked any ran to the fire chased.

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