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Now coworker recorded earlier four broadcast at this time good morning as we come on the air this week core saying success in one war with the defeat of isis iraq syria preparations for what may be the war ahead you see if they're on the deck of the uss reagan three at american show fourth this week in the waters off korea a war of words here at home sparked by debate over president trump's phone calls to families of the fallen and to widow in particular the wife of a green beret kill the need to share earlier this month on tuesday trump called the family of that fallen soldier sergeant david johnson but a longtime family friend democratic congresswoman frederico wilson was also listening in and said the family was not comforted by the president's words by thursday chief of staff john kelly was in the briefing room defending the president kelly's words were raw emotional and personal as he spoke about the loss of his own son in afghanistan in 2010 let me tell you what my best friend joe done through told me the was my casualty officer he said kill he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed he knew what he was getting into play joined in the mirror that one percent she knew what the possibilities were because word war if general kelly it stopped there this debate would likely be over as a nation we almost certainly could have agreed to make those painfully intimate words now last words instead using the language of a political operative kelly then attacked that florida congresswoman who had criticised the president accusing her of being disrespectful at a 2015 building dedication to fallen fbi agents and a congresswoman stood up in in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise stood up there and all of that talk to her she was instrumental in getting new funding for the building and she just call the president obama on that phone call he gave the money the twenty million dole's bill building she set down the problem with that account it just wasn't true as video from the 2015 event shows wilson using most of her remarks to pay tribute to the fallen but instead of apologising instead of correcting the record that white house doubled down if you want.

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